Hongkong middle school students dream Tiangong two multi – flying dream to help escort Beijing 4000dy

Hongkong middle school students dream "Tiangong two" multi – flying dream to help escort Beijing Shenzhou eleven spacecraft successfully launched in mid October and docking with the Tiangong two "astronauts completed, then by scientific experimental design of Hongkong middle school, the" space sericulture "segment before the transmission back to earth, let the students in Hongkong they really excited. 3 years ago, the female astronaut Wang Yaping in "science education fragment Shenzhou ten" of Hongkong middle school students deeply engraved in the mind, a dream for the aerospace science and technology seed germination; 1 years ago, 3 middle school students in Hongkong high school team space flight experiment design competition "in the ingenuity and careful design talent shows itself. Enter the China Manned Space Engineering Office (in office) sight; now, once looked up at the sky high students everywhere will be 3 of their experiments into space, waiting for the seed of science and. Four students design "sericulture experiment" from Hongkong based Christian missionary school xuan. Wu Yujie taken three experiments the same dream, "a lot of people may never have the opportunity to contact and space, and we can now put your ideas into space, to participate in the country so huge in aerospace engineering. We feel very honored and grateful." Lao Lixin, a senior high school student at Shunde Weng Weng middle school in Hongkong, said before heading to Gansu, Jiuquan. Lao Li and the other 4 students in the design of "multipurpose microgravity polymer film hole experiment with" Tiangong two "into space. This is the "Tiangong two" space laboratory, 3 from the experimental project of Hongkong students in the design of the 1, is the "middle school students of Hongkong space flight experiment design competition" 70 entries for the championship. They refer to the basic physics experiment inspired by Wang Yaping in "Tiangong-1", designed the polymer polyvinyl alcohol solution and saturated salt water mixed with phase transformation process of experiment. However, due to the impact of the gravity on earth, two kinds of finished film thickness after a mixed solvent, hole uneven distribution, serious impact on the film quality. So, the small inventors decided to solve the problem in microgravity. He Yilong said, looking forward to the space on the film "transformation" can improve the film quality, create a versatile polymer porous film, after application in medical research: a breathable impervious artificial skin and dialysis membrane, to help the different types of patients. And have the astronauts Jing Haipeng, Chen Dong together to live in space for several days, "space silkworm" from the Christian Church of nobumoto "space sericulture experimental middle school. The designer of one of Deng Ziyi said, the purpose of the experiment is designed in order to understand the silkworm in space will be more tough to upgrade silk spinning, performance to apply to the suit or other civilian products. The same by Wang Yaping in the "Tiangong-1" demonstration inspired, there are 4 students in Hongkong PLK Roche middle school fund. They are based on Wang Yaping "pendulum", explore the microgravity condition "double pendulum" trajectory. "We already had a lot of ideas about the performance of the double pendulum in space, but I don’t know what they are相关的主题文章: