How much do you know about Shenyang There are only 1 people in the last 18 surnames running man 20130908

How much do you know about Shenyang? There are 18 surnames only 1 people – Beijing, in addition to Xian surname, in Shenyang there are many rare surnames. From the Municipal Bureau of statistics data show that Shenyang has 70 names each less than 50 people, including MI, pan, and no province, uncle, send, O, Aaron, met, hi, Shentu, Ju Bao, etc.. It is worth mentioning that there are 18 surnames, each surname only one person. In addition, in the name, some words are also many. For example, surnamed Nie (niè), the name of the Gang (G. Ng), surnamed Kui (kuí), surnamed Shu (SH game), the name she (shè), surnamed Quine (Ku million I), surnamed Gao (g million o), surnamed Ning (nì NG)…… The name of experts, many "small family name" is a major feature of Shenyang surnames, many of which are from the Manchu surname. Such as "Flo", this is after the middle period of Qing Dynasty, people affected by the custom culture of the Han nationality, in accordance with the custom of Han keen in the name of the former crown on the single syllable Chinese characters. In "Flo" as an example, some of the interception of the first syllable, the name "button"; because "some Manchu Flo" is the "wolf", so the use of the "wolf" for the name and Chinese characters; think of "wolf" is rare, then switch the wolf homonym "Lang" surname. As a result, a Manchu surname in different ways to distinguish the "button", "wolf", "Lang" 3 surnames.相关的主题文章: