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How serious is gambling addiction? Australia 1 people lost an average of $1 over the past year, Tencent news, according to Bloomberg reported that in the fight against drug addiction after a period of 13 years, Kate Seselja finally stand up. In the play the slot machine lost $about 500000 ($383 thousand), who had 6 children 38 year old mother plans to drive into a tree. Almost joined the 400 Australians who chose to commit suicide because of gambling. "It was fun at first," Seselja said. In Australia, playing slot machines is a normal thing. Almost every corner can see the slot machine." Statistics show that last year, Australian gambling lost $23 billion, of which more than half of the slot machine is lost. Although the vast majority of countries have strict restrictions on gambling activities can only be carried out in casinos and betting stations, but Australia allows people in the corner bar, sports and veterans club gambling. Although the total population of less than 0.5% of the global population, but the number of slot machines in Australia in the world’s total number of slot machines accounted for a high share of 20%. The political will to change is not strong: for lawmakers, the gaming industry is the main donor, including the Australian Prime Minister Turnbull’s coalition party, and previous attempts to reform have failed. In the year ended 2015 in June, the Australian state and local governments to obtain a $5 billion 800 million ($4 billion 400 million) of tax revenue from the gaming industry, reducing the pressure on the federal government funds. Although re elected in July this year, the legislation of the anti gambling center Nick Lufeng once again ignited the symplectic gambling reform topic, but his statement sounds very depressed. He said, "the hotel owner and the club is a powerful lobby, and the gaming industry’s number one supporter is the state government." The veteran senator added that Australian lawmakers "fear" the gaming industry. "The federal government to cut its dependence on the industry, but the government does not seem to want to do so," said Nick Essien Lufeng. It’s hard to shake a habit that has lasted for decades. Back in the 50s, when New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, and the capital of Sydney, made the slot machine legal, slot machines began to surge in australia. Social costs over time, Australia has 200 thousand slot machines, locals commonly known as pokies". These slots are the biggest driver of growth in the Australian gaming industry, but the country has paid the price. According to government figures, about 6 of the average number of Australians who regularly play slot machines are suffering from a serious gambling addiction, and thus lose an average of $21 thousand a year. According to estimates, the social cost of gambling to the community at least 4 billion 700 million Australian dollars. Australia’s drug addiction has made the country the world’s biggest loser. According to the global gaming and gaming consultancy Global Betting Gaming Consultants data released in 2015, Australia’s per capita expenditure of $761 ($).相关的主题文章: