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Hu Xia invited the song "every day" Wowkie Zhang adventure entertainment "unspoken rule" – Sohu Hu Xia entertainment debut "every day" champion king Hu Xia live "night shining day" "spring" Prince Hu Xia Sohu of Hunan satellite TV entertainment news ace variety show "every day" concert season continues, ten points Friday night, it will usher in wrap "champion King night" finale staged memories kill. "Happy Boys" "super star avenue" "show" "The Voice of China" four music files become fashionable for a time class talent show champion Chen Chusheng, Hu Xia, Liu Wei, Liang Bo appeared on the same stage, once the memories of those years. A "spring Prince" said Hu Xia won a song "those years" let the world know this simple boy. In fact, prior to this, he has the way ahead of the results in one fell swoop won the 2010 Taiwan super star avenue sixth championship, becoming the second Yoga Lin, Aska Yang might send a singer star in that year, and he is only 19 years old. On the day of the show, he sang a "shiny day", and when Wang Han asked, "do you think your shiny days are over?" "I feel like my shiny days are always there," he said brightly and firmly." In this 6 years, Hu Xia did not fade from the audience’s perspective, he is of wide interest to the big screen, and Liu Shishi co starred in the "sad fairy tale" and Alec Su’s debut "left ear" was to produce a good report card, in the meantime, his music was not interrupted. Every little bit progress let him face the increasingly high demand, the program he said: "it is also trying to write their own songs," take this opportunity to live him more to younger attitude "creative" singer Wowkie Zhang before the teacher invited song a bold request. As Hu Xia "fan brother" Wowkie Zhang without demur agreed, and the exchange opened is actually let him "heart", the audience Lianhu said: "this is not the entertainment unspoken rule?" Hu Xia will not agree to Wowkie Zhang’s "indecent", "every day" "champion singer night" what joke? Let’s lock Hunan TV 22:00 Be There Or Be Square!相关的主题文章: