Hunan, Chenzhou, more than deputy director was dismissed working hours to see the stock, playing gam 9c8950

Hunan, deputy director of the Chenzhou more than dismissal: work time playing games, watching the stock original title: Hunan Chenzhou Deputy Secretary for work more than to see the stock game was removed from the Xinhua News Agency Changsha September 8th news (reporter Chen Wenguang) 8 reporters from Chenzhou City, Hunan province discipline inspection commission was informed that due to work at the stock, playing games, including the Deputy Secretary deputy director of the Chenzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, more than Bin Yonghe was dismissed. According to reports, recently, the office of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, high quality and style, the leading group of Chenzhou city to take the lead, take the site to view, video recording, data access, along with work, issue tracking, etc., for 48 units and 45 municipal 2016 annual review of important positions to carry out supervision work discipline thorough investigation activities. According to reports, from the inspection situation, most of the units can be disciplined, the overall situation is good, but also exposed some units in the implementation of the work of discipline and internal management problems: one is to browse the stock market is two of work time, work time playing games, watching video and mobile phone is three hours to read novels four, is the time to go to work in sports, dozing. Among them, the deputy director of the Chenzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau member, Bin Yonghe time to work with office computer to browse the stock market, deputy director of the Chenzhou municipal development immigration bureau member, Huang Jiagao time office computer to play games, Chenzhou city health secretary, deputy director of the comprehensive supervision and Law Enforcement Bureau Party committee Zhong Yongping to use mobile phone to play games. In this regard, the Chenzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee, the Chenzhou municipal Party committee decided to give Bin Yonghe, Huang Jiagao, removal of the treatment, according to the procedures for the relevant formalities. At the same time, according to the cadre management authority, in accordance with procedures for other unannounced visits found related personnel issues also made removal, admonishing criticism education etc..相关的主题文章: