Interest rate risk is still limited upstream debt shock

Interest rate upward risk of debt is still the shock of the exposure of the Sina fund exposure: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Zhang Qinfeng – 6, bond futures market continued weak shocks, two varieties of both the main contract fell slightly. Spot market prices also subdued, yields show a narrow range. Market participants pointed out that the economic data before the disclosure, the bond market sentiment is still cautious side, but the recent experience of continuous callback, the bond configuration value is renewed attention, short term interest rates to power up or down are insufficient, continuation shock situation is a high probability event. To fell slightly yesterday, bond futures continued weak market consolidation. The 10 year bond futures contract T1612 days, most of the time were hovering near the settlement price, the late decline slightly enlarged, to close at 100.620 yuan, down 0.095 yuan or 0.09%, turnover of 15 thousand and 100 hands all day long, slightly compared with the previous day volume; 5 year bond futures contract TF1612 closed at 101.250 yuan, down 0.045 yuan or 0.04%, turnover of 5385 hands all day long. 6, the spot market is still the main varieties of volatility in smooth water, little. CFETS display market, the inter-bank market, pending repayment period of nearly 10 years of the 160017 trading turnover in the 2.765% day, late in 2.75%; another active 10 year bond trading 160010 transactions in 2.79%, on a day in late 2.80%. In debt, 10 years period of 160213 trading turnover in 3.19%, unchanged from the previous trading day. A market, yesterday morning CDB tender issued 1 year and 10 year two bonds, the successful rate was 2.13% and 3.1015%, were close to the previous average market forecast. 6, the Central Bank continues to repurchase low volume operation, open market operations for fifth consecutive days at the beginning of the month net return of funds, but funds face is still loose, accusing him of financial positive, and 7 days were melt out overnight, the overall liquidity is abundant, the main period of the repo rate to maintain a narrow range of fluctuation. Interest rates up limited risk continues to experience the second half of 8 after the callback, the bond market in recent days to narrow shocks, but the disk still revealed partial cautious atmosphere, yields showed a slight upward trend. Analysts pointed out that the short-term market sentiment is difficult to completely eliminate. First of all, although funds face loose, but the overnight repo opening price to rise continuously, seems intent to guide the short end of the interest rate at the bottom elevation, the market of deleveraging and lingering concerns; the end of the season in September, the seasonal impact of liquidity faced by many factors, the risk of fluctuations cannot be ruled out again. Secondly, the central bank to ease monetary policy will be insufficient, and in September the Federal Reserve interest rates soon, or further suppress monetary easing is expected. Finally, the August macro data will be released soon, combined with PMI and high frequency data, some data may appear to improve some of the chain, previously too pessimistic fundamentals may be expected to once again face correction. But analysts相关的主题文章: