Lan Jinli 10.8 weeks after the next week on non-agricultural crude oil and natural gas to the layout lata-01

Lan Jinli: 10.8 weeks after the next week on non-agricultural crude oil and natural gas to the layout and release of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! News: Friday, the international crude oil fell more than 1[%], the US oil prices fell below $50 a barrel, because Russian officials speak of investors in the production reached agreement with OPEC in the short-term future doubts, and the active oil drilling for 15 weeks was recorded on the rise fall. As of Beijing time 5:00, U.S. oil fell to 1.73[%], at $49.55 barrel. OPEC last week in Algiers to reach a production agreement, intends to yield the target set in the 3250-3300 million barrels a day interval, reduced 0.6[%]-2.1[%] level in August this year, in order to reduce excess supply and boost prices, since prices rose more than 15[%] next week OPEC and non OPE oil producers to the world energy conference period (October 9-13 in Turkey held in Istanbul) informal talks, discuss the implementation of the agreement to cut. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria, Venezuela and other oil producing countries have expressed their participation in. This Thursday, Algeria’s energy minister NouredineBouterfa cut again for preheating, he said, now the OPEC agreement, will assess the market at the end of November meeting, the price is 50~55 OPEC for the initial target of $barrels, 700 thousand barrels of daily production if the scale is not enough, will further increase production efforts. However, Russian energy minister AlexanderNovak has poured cold water. Novak told reporters in Moscow that Russia is not expected to sign an agreement with OPEC at an energy conference in Turkey next week". The comments made to limit production agreement regeneration suspect, prices from the highs. Crude oil, more time is over. From the history of the market we can determine, every time after the boom, decline, it will send a get out of hand, it also gave us a chance to suggest that short! Opportunities for short!! The opportunity to short!!! The index has clearly showed that MACD speed line will be formed Sicha, red column kinetic energy has been shrinking, KDJ (slightly downward divergence form Sicha suggest that you look at the 4H map, more intuitive than the daily chart), so this time I see the empty single profit $46. Seeking steady friends, you can wait and see the opening next Monday! Long term analysis of crude oil, has been repeatedly mentioned, Algeria reached a preliminary agreement to freeze OPEC production, the trend and our expectations, oil prices rose sharply upward, in the face of the top heavy pressure, with the daily trend of the law steadily upward, the first three months after the oil price back above 50 further. Boost market confidence. Recently, OPEC and non OPEC members want to discuss the freeze production plan, in order to achieve a stable energy market common theory相关的主题文章: