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The man in the car accident by a truck at the end of more than 20 passers-by lift car to save the bus tachograph records to lift the car to save the picture (the pictures Readers) motorcycle driver card in the van, under the original title: Today headlines like Nagawa Yoshihito Chongqing evening news September 17th afternoon, a Shaanxi citizen truck passing Yongchuan District of East Sichuan street intersection. A car suddenly missed fish into the street. Hundreds of people, the scene did not loot, but to help the driver to pick up the fish to reduce losses. Yesterday morning, tea bamboo Yongchuan network forum and issued a music and near the car accident in Ledu, 303 bus a car accident vehicles will lift up to save the people’s moving posts, attracted many readers praise. Bus drivers to help passengers to help yesterday post is about: Yongchuan District music and near the accident in Ledu, two buses passing by, the driver and the two passengers to rescue the wounded together with the car. Subsequently, the Chongqing evening news reporter contacted the bus driver. Yesterday 8:30 or so, the driver Denning as usual driving 303 bus on the road. Near the traffic lights near Yongchuan and Ledu, she saw a van parked on the right side of the motorcycle with a motorcycle, the motorcycle fell to the ground, a man under the van. I quickly stopped the bus on the roadside, get off to see the situation." Denning said, when there are more than 10 passengers on the car, a young man wearing glasses followed her off. A closer look, the original is the motorcycle driver card in the van tail below Denning and glasses guy call the emergency phone, waiting for the rescue process, the other passengers Denning and the car together to help remove the motorcycle. Another bus to lift the car together, and then we want to lift the van to save people, but they can not be afraid to open a one-time injury caused by two times." Denning and passengers are trying to drive another bus 303 Road, Li Jiayong also found the scene of the accident, quickly stop. "Take a walk, help!" There are more than and 10 people on board at the time, the strength of men will follow Li Jiayong off to help. The bus tachograph driving from the Jiayong Li, the reporter saw in a white shirt Jiayong Li ran to the van, several young men came up about more than and 10 people hard together, neat and quick to put up the van. "Probably about 2 minutes, the passenger car and lifted away." The multiple fractures thanks to the driver Denning said: "the first passenger car accident to tight, in front of a living person, life suddenly becomes fragile, will do their best to help, thank you also to help passengers." After leaving the scene, Denning’s heart pounded. Subsequently, the injured were sent to Medical University Of Chongqing affiliated Yongchuan hospital. It is understood that the injured motorcycle driver surnamed Feng, 20 years old this year, yesterday morning on a car accident on his way home. Finally, the doctor diagnosed multiple fractures of the body, the neck can not move, the injury is more serious, waiting for surgery. Mention a car accident, Mr. Feng said he did not know the situation. It is said that two bus drivers and two car passengers to help lift the car to save him, Mr. Feng said: "if it is not for their help, I love the situation of 8相关的主题文章: