Men see the police set up card ran five year old son crying in the car alone drop dead diva

Men see the police set up card ran five year old son crying alone in the car to see the police set up card, a car suddenly stopped, the driver abandoned the vehicle and ran, and instantly ran a Not the least trace was found. In the process of catching up with the police, the car was found to have a little boy, crying in the shouting: "dad ran, Dad ran." Recently, Wenzhou Pingyang police on the road to set up the card check drunk driving encountered a strange thing. Currently, the car has been detained according to law, and the name of the mysterious driver has not yet appeared. The mysterious man abandoned the vehicle and fled the car left a boy in the evening of September 19th, Pingyang Traffic Police Brigade squadron of motor vehicles in the county town of Wanquan Zheng Lin community intersection card check drunk driving. According to the scene of the traffic police Lin Jun introduced, that night at 8:20 PM, a license plate hanging from Guizhou red KIA car from far away, suddenly the car slowed down and stopped at a distance of 10 meters from the house before the bayonet. With a career sensitive, they feel the car is more suspicious, they came forward to check it. At this moment, the car down a man, ran, they immediately caught up, I saw the man jump from the road to three meters high drop River, continue to escape. Also at this time, the police found a small boy crying in the car, and from time to time to shout: dad ran, Dad ran." Lin Jun said, for the sake of the child’s safety, they gave up the chase. Owners said the car has been sold mysterious man off the phone while the police were responsible for taking care of children, while the car began to investigate the. Soon, the police contacted the owner of the car registered Yang, but Yang said the car has been sold, but has not yet transferred. In the car police found a car moving mobile phone number, the first call on the phone, the man said, this car to a friend opened the car, the children do not know who the relevant situation is not clear, to learn to know. After a while, when the traffic police to fight second phones, the phone has been shut down, no longer contact. At this time, the police opened a breakthrough in the little boy’s body". The little boy said the house is nearby, the police according to the little boy’s point of view, driving slowly looking for, finally found the little boy’s home. But at this time, the little boy’s family no one. After a while, the mother of the little boy came home, when she learned that such a thing, very surprised. Lu said that her family from Guizhou, his son 5 years old this year. These days, she told her husband yaomou quarrel, no contact, because he is very busy with work, work until 10:30 in the evening before the end, then put the child at home during the day, let the villagers to help take care of, may be the day to take the children out of her husband. As for her husband to go, she is not clear. Usually, the husband is very fond of playing cards with fellow villagers, may find a fellow. She said that her husband did not go to work recently. According to all the signs do not rule out the driver drunk driving, the police detained the car, and has been trying to contact Yao, but not the shutdown is no answer. Yesterday afternoon 5 am, the reporter also repeatedly called the phone Yao, no answer. According to traffic police analysis, although it is not sure that Yao opened the car, but Yao’s son in the car, plus a description of his wife, Yao driving.相关的主题文章: