Metro lady-killer bare nakedness harass female passengers have been captured by the police (video) freyja

"Metro lady-killer" bare nakedness harass female passengers have been captured by the police recently, the weather is not cold, many female friends, all dressed quite cool, it is easy to draw "groping". Miss Kwan in September 27th on the subway was obscene, but also particularly bad kind of. The past is to use salted pork touch, this is the public nudity organ indecent behavior, is really hateful. Fortunately, the victim Ms. Guan had left the one that took indecent photos of her boyfriend also sent Mr. xia. Then, the summer, and the photos spread to micro-blog, and forwarded to the police. Finally, when the police try, groping again in the subway station, which will be captured in one fell swoop. The bow cover face, hands handcuffed the man is indecent female passenger in the subway liang. Yesterday morning, Liang Moumou in the female passenger behind Miss Guan naked genitals, and also rub off miss. Liang Moumou said: at that time did not think how much, is to see this woman is pretty pretty up, there is no great attempt, it is impossible to get her, is to meet their own." Miss Kwan found immediately after the escape, but Liang Moumou not only did not converge, but the shift to another female passenger behind continue to implement indecency. At this time, angry and afraid of Miss Guan, secretly took a photo of a bare body of Liang Moumou, sent to his boyfriend xia. Coincidentally, received a photo of Mr. Xia, even in the Zhongxing Road Station subway, once again found the trail of Liang moumou. Mr. Xia said: "I found out that he was wearing a plaid shirt and khaki pants, and then the man out of the station and I saw the photos I took as like as two peas clothes, the face photos." Yanji rail road station police station, pay attention to this situation, immediately verify the situation, and to determine the groping, may be the Zhongxing Road subway station near an office worker. Yanji Railway Station Road police station police officer Huang said that he stood out from the subway station in the morning, then he must stop at this station in the evening. So the police about one hour ahead of time, waiting for ambush in the vicinity of the subway station. Indeed, at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, Liang Moumou again in the ZTE Road subway station, is already waiting in the police was arrested. During the interrogation, Liang Moumou on in public indecency violations confessed. Liang Moumou said: very sorry, I hope to give the police a few good words, this kind of thing will not do. Currently, the suspect Moumou has been in administrative detention, the case is under further investigation. "" "universal creation Festival billion investment cicada looking to change the knowledge to open the way you" "" recommended today: the property right certificate issued by "stop the real property right certificate" 180 yuan monthly 20 numbers can be specified for 30 days "call you die" driving rub dispute 69 year old woman was beaten to rescue Shanghai school district room died half a month back up 350 thousand the seller sued the residents of the home is "casual visitor" tens of thousands of bees "" "" the pitch camp "Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe for Taiwan: Lane perfect" one minute "Nanjing subway lady-killer exposure after being threatened Jiansha police intervention (the video for extension) use your finger)相关的主题文章: