Nanchang prosecutors have 100 suites reporters to the new network survey full moon – in mcncc

Nanchang prosecutors have "100 suites" survey full moon Beijing reporters to question one, Xu Linbao how many sets of real estate, huge property source is legitimate? The net post said, Xu Linbao and his wife and daughter under the name of real estate amounted to more than and 380 units, worth hundreds of millions of yuan, which has handled real estate license has more than and 180 units, net signed more than and 200 sets; Xu Linbao occupied more than and 200 square meters of luxury villas, and luxury car name. According to the "Southern Metropolis Daily" reported that the reporter in the name of the Xu Linbao family, on behalf of the inquiry of arrears of property charges. Statistics Nanchang Honggutan area Xiang Ting district property management office staff revealed that Xu Linbao and his wife and children in the name of the district there are shops, houses, villas and other types of housing 71 sets, a total of 3402.27 square meters, a total of 512541.5 yuan owed property costs. Claiming to be interviewed by the media Xu Lin and nephew of Mr. Chen for the day before that there is Xu Linbao and his family under the name of more than and 100 houses, is 2013 before the purchase, purchase, loan funds for real estate, when Xu Linbao and his wife Mao Faying lwop business many years of business income. Xu Linbao has said in an interview with the media, the content of the online report is a retaliatory false content. But he did not deny the name of the real estate situation, and said he bought a house in order to invest. Future network comment pointed out that Xu Linbao as a public officer, the name has dozens of sets, hundreds of sets of real estate, make people exclaim, more people questioned: the real estate is where you come from, is not a legitimate property? Question two, Xu Linbao went into business and then return to the system, in compliance with the relevant provisions? The full-time study for 4 years on the job, whether it will affect the annual assessment, whether compliance? According to the network posted the attached resume, Xu Linbao worked in Jiangxi of Xinjian County province people’s government at work in urban and rural areas, the resignation of the sea in 1992. In March 1994 in Jiangxi province Yingtan city procuratorate, then served in the Jiangxi provincial procuratorate administrative comprehensive development office, Yingtan city procuratorate report center, from August 2001 to September 2005, at their own expense full-time read Master of law. 2005 to continue working in Jiangxi City, Yingtan province Procuratorate, then transferred to the Nanchang high tech Zone procuratorate. Xu Linbao went into business and then return to the system, after 4 years of full-time study at their own expense to the procuratorial system, whether in accordance with the relevant provisions in the program? Xu Linbao 4 years of full-time study, there is no effect on the annual assessment work,? Question three, Xu Linbao is involved in illegal activities or engage in family business? Is suspected of fraud? The network said, 2014 Xu Linbao and son-in-law Long Yuewu to do business and joint development projects in the name, said Xu Linbao is a chief procurator, and there are a lot of real estate can be used as collateral to ensure repayment, Long Yuewu and Jiangxi Longyao decoration limited company as the main borrowing, borrowing has to several billion yuan, and to borrow money transfer to Jiangxi Lin Yang Investment Development Limited company account. Reporter query the national enterprise credit information publicity system found, Jiangxi Yang Yang Investment Development Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2009, notes.相关的主题文章: