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Next month a number of new regulations will be implemented: provident fund extraction procedures "downsizing" — financial — original title: next month a number of new regulations will be implemented: provident fund extraction procedures "downsizing" China network August 30th news (reporter Shang Yang Dong Xiaodi) "the country managed fund to buy second-hand housing in Beijing," double zero material handling vehicle "prohibited from entering the highway, bank card fees down……" September onwards, there are a series of new regulations into our lives. 20 certificate issued new regulations farewell "wonderful" that the introduction of the 12 Department of the Ministry of public security and so on "improve and regulate the public security police issued proof of work opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") will be implemented on September 1st. "Opinions" provisions of the 20 police station no longer issued: the citizen’s name, gender, citizenship, citizens. Citizen ID number (including 15 or 18 proof), citizen citizen ethnic composition, date of birth, place of birth, place of birth, citizen citizen citizen residence address, account migration, changes of the address and the household registration project content change and corrections, and canceled the account with the kinship between the household staff. Fund extraction procedures can reduce the amount of 80% large thin materials in September 1st, workers in the extraction for housing provident fund business, first of all to fill in the "extraction of housing provident fund undertaking" Declaration of information and make a commitment, after all through the relevant departments to obtain information of network audit, it is no longer required to provide proof of relevant materials. To reach the statutory retirement age, and the unit has its housing accumulation fund accounts sealed workers, do not need to submit any material can apply for provident fund extraction business. In addition, the deposit fund workers in the country to buy second-hand housing in Beijing, only through authentication can handle business. Internet advertising out of the new regulations search advertising was limited since September 1st, by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") will take effect. The way to clear the sale of goods or services paid search advertising also belongs to Internet advertising. Internet advertising should be marked "advertisement"; medical, pharmaceutical, formula foods for special medical purposes, medical equipment, pesticides, veterinary drugs, health food advertisements shall not be released without examination; issued by the pop-up form on the Internet page advertisement should be marked off significant signs, to ensure close. Tourism Bureau announced the new regulations to protect the elderly tourists travel to the National Tourism Administration approved the release of the travel agency travel service specification (hereinafter referred to as the specification) will be implemented from September 1st. "Standard" requirements, travel agencies not to tourists age limit, and shall not refuse the elderly (over 60 years of age, with 60 years of age) s; aged at or above the Charter, charter, train travel, people should match with the doctor; the elderly travel continuously travel time should not exceed 2 hours. The development of joint vehicle management more stringent "double car" are not allowed to enter the highway traffic department and other 5 departments of the "car transport governance)相关的主题文章: