Ningbo vocational high school students to open their regeneration bank is how to make money face gossip

Ningbo vocational high school students to open their regeneration bank is how to make money in the school every day will produce a lot of waste paper, bottles and other waste materials, many of which two may be used. Beilun is the high school students of these humble scrap moving from the brain, several students opened a "renewable bank", specifically through recycling of waste newspapers, to borrow books to earn wealth, then the money back to students and society. How to make money in the recycling bank? Selling newspapers, borrow books eighth class every afternoon, Song Yubo and his staff will be next to the classroom to collect newspapers, come back after a responsible for accounting, two for weighing, the other two responsible for sorting, even if the weather is not good, they have never stopped. For the love of environmental protection, Song Yubo became the new session of the "renewable bank" manager. She told reporters that the regeneration of the bank is a waste paper recycling, two times the circulation of books for the operation of the contents of the student venture shop. She recalls, in 2013, the first school manager Dong Shasha think a lot of books and newspapers are finally out of landfills, is a waste, so do the resources two times using the project. In the school business street, the reporter saw the store. Shop about 20 square meters, respectively, placed on the top of the big book of professional books, extra-curricular books, magazines, etc., the old and new areas are also clearly separated from the 4. At the same time, the store also has a trolley and electronic scales. How do they make money when they are called the "recycling bank"? The store recruited 5 student assistants, 3 men and 2 women. The boys every day eighth classes to each class and office recycling old newspapers and books, one of the girls in the shop every day; sorting out extracurricular books, a new classification place, for the guests to borrow again. On the one hand, we waste newspapers back from the class, and then to a higher price of recycling companies, we make the difference in the middle class, the remaining money to do overtime. On the other hand, there is a Book rental service, rent a professional book not money, rent the extracurricular books a day, one of the 50 Fen words." Song Yubo introduction. According to statistics, in 2015, a total of 6727.3 pounds of waste paper, a total of recycling of 327 books. How to earn money to spend? Love to help students, teachers and students since the beginning of the street to know that there is such a special shop, the students have begun to pay attention to it. At first, many students did not understand their behavior, some people laugh at them is the collection of waste, but when the 5 of them every day in the collection of waste newspapers, we were moved. Some students take the initiative to collect the waste newspaper at home on the weekend and then sent to the warehouse. Come here to borrow books and more and more people, small shops are often crowded. Borrow an extra book is 5 cents a day, there are over more than and 100 people, we are really busy with the two people, for which we also bought the book borrowing software, faster than the artificial registration." Song Yubo slightly statistics, the store monthly income of about 1025 yuan. How to spend the money to make sense? The clerks first thought of helping the poor children in the nearby school. Everyone with the store income to buy the "pass相关的主题文章: