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The tattoo artist | creative funny Tattoo – delicate fun interesting material Sohu which is a Bi lattice of the literati circle this is a group of creative and funny tattoo, tattoo individual appeared before, but because of a series of out again, convenient friends need reference. (pictured above, jumped into the Milky Way, very creative) very cute girl ~ (artist WeChat ID:wszixunshi) love tattoos, love freedom, faith and love fashion. It is not enough to be a gentleman in the following series of animals, but when it comes to this, it feels like a series of sarcasm. The person who has been hurt should know his pain. The cold wind swept over the delicate dark ~ ~ ~ the whale watching the scenery climbing to the top of the very creative fish fall ~ chic creative design – the Hedgehog Character properly, the organic combination of rigorous and free and easy. Color plays a punchline, make work more lively. The charm of this picture let you conch what thought? Tattoo — is a kind of attitude to life TATTOO classic Tattoos Tattoo manuscript相关的主题文章:

Weichai Yingzhi G5 sale 69 thousand and 800 yuan will be listed in September – Auto Sohu aspack

Weichai Yingzhi G5 sale 69 thousand and 800 yuan will be listed in September – Sohu automobile Sohu   [car; car] before the automobile Sohu obtained a set of new models of English English by Weichai G5 caused by the exterior and interior of vehicle. New car positioning for seven home SUV models, is expected to be listed in September. According to the latest news, 1.5L manual Elite Edition and 1.5L manual luxury navigation version two entry-level models officially launched the pre-sale, the pre-sale price of $69 thousand and 800 and $75 thousand and 800. Appearance, the British used "shark" G5 face shape, showing SUV wild and domineering, and the atmosphere appears to be a grade. The British G5 with a black tail bumper and large area surrounded by motion design, with black rear window and taillights made angular, the SUV is very tough, with the tone of SUV models. From the side view, the British G5 caused by using fluid trim waistline throughout the body, and the body movement surrounded by large, in the D column can be seen clearly by the British Weifang logo. The new vehicle size of 4530*1810*1mm, wheelbase 2785mm, which for the British G5 car space is guaranteed. Interior, the new car uses a two color stitching leather seats and leather steering wheel, and the use of a new high-definition fashion instrument. In terms of configuration, the British G5 is equipped with a key start function, which is very much in line with the needs of most consumers car. The new car is also equipped with a 16 inch LCD screen, this is not the first time in the UK on Weichai car, early in the first MPV, the British 737 has already begun to use its built-in integrated intelligent system in the intelligent interconnection, remote control, information security, information and entertainment etc.. From the exposure of the vehicle can be seen that the G5 should have automatic models launched, such as no accident, and should the listing of the British 737 automatic models, matching the CVT CVT Belgian. (responsible editor: often laugh)相关的主题文章:

Central 159 billion 100 million to improve student nutrition in rural students to benefit from 33 mi

The central 159 billion 100 million to improve the nutrition of rural students 33 million 600 thousand students benefit from the JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ren Shan) reporter learned yesterday from the Ministry of education, since the 15 departments of the Ministry of education in 2011 in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance and start the implementation of the rural compulsory education to improve student nutrition plan, the country has 29 provinces 137 thousand schools in the implementation of the plan, students benefit more than 33 million 600 thousand. Director, director of the office of the State Council of Education Steering Committee of Ministry of education, the Education Supervision Bureau He Xiuchao introduced since 2011, the central government allocated 159 billion 100 million yuan, from the start of the poorest and most remote areas, the implementation of nutrition improvement plan, including the implementation of the national pilot, reward local pilot, improve the dining conditions and grants students. Among them, the nutritional food subsidy funds 86 billion 200 million yuan, the family economic difficulties boarding living allowance funds of $42 billion 900 million, canteen construction funds of $30 billion. Local governments also put a lot of, at the end of June this year, the local pilot area only a nutritional and dietary supplement on the expenditure of 23 billion. He Xiuchao said that this year will start the expansion of local pilot work to ensure that the country in 2017 to achieve nutrition improvement program to focus on poverty alleviation and development of key counties. To ensure that all school canteens business permit, government procurement, bidding and implementation of each bulk purchase of raw materials, and resolutely prevent unqualified enterprises to participate in. At the same time, intensify supervision and inspection efforts, so that any unit, any person can not take liberties from the child’s mouth "". The background information of over half of the compulsory education schools to provide nutritious meals in accordance with the current national standard, for rural compulsory education to improve student nutrition plan for students 4 yuan per person per day dietary supplement, boarding students with "a" reached 8-9 yuan per day, basically can solve the problem of poor students eat at school. According to statistics, there are 29 provinces in the implementation of the nutrition improvement plan of the 137 thousand schools, benefiting more than 33 million 600 thousand students. In other words, every day more than 12 of compulsory education schools to provide nutritious meals for students, nearly 14 of students in compulsory education can eat nutritious meals. Among them, the national pilot county 699, benefiting 20 million 970 thousand students, to achieve full coverage of national pilot contiguous poor areas; local pilot county 805, benefiting 12 million 640 thousand students, Yunnan, Guizhou, Tibet, Shaanxi, Gansu and some other provinces to achieve full coverage of the rural compulsory education students in Sichuan, to achieve 67 national treatment all county compulsory education students full coverage. State Department: 12 years of free education for the disabled children and adolescents相关的主题文章:

Asian business forum to explore the development opportunities of Hongkong in ASEAN countries

Asia Business Forum to explore development opportunities in Hongkong – ASEAN China news agency new network in Hongkong on 29 August, (Chen Yizhou) Asia Business Forum held in Hongkong on 29. The forum is to strengthen the five links, the integration "as the theme of the Asian countries in the" The Belt and Road "and the ASEAN economic development led to the show business opportunities, and opportunities and challenges in the Hongkong. The Hongkong SAR Government Secretary for commerce and Economic Development Bureau Su Jinliang said at the meeting, Hongkong has a huge commercial network, diversified business services, which the Convention and exhibition services, procurement services, business matching services are booming, is the world famous international trade center, can assist the local government and enterprises to find suitable business partners. Consulate General of Vietnam in Hongkong, Huang Zhizhong said at the meeting, ASEAN’s economic growth accelerated, Asia is very important part of the region. In China mainland labor costs increased, he expects Hongkong will increase year by year in Vietnam agriculture, clothing, manufacturing and other industrial investment, especially the trade of textile industry will increase by $4 billion in the next few years. The Consul General of Singapore in Hongkong Fu light? Said that Hongkong and Singapore have great room for cooperation, Hongkong is the mainland Chinese super contacts with the rest of the world, while Singapore is an important role in Southeast Asian countries, the two can use this characteristic to create synergy region. For example, the financial market in Singapore to promote the use of the ASEAN countries to trade the yuan, Hongkong as the world’s largest offshore RMB settlement center can benefit. Hongkong – ASEAN economic cooperation foundation, said Lin Jiali, Hongkong can promote the region’s big data center. In addition, Hongkong is not only super contact, but also can be a super investor. In addition, we can encourage more students from ASEAN countries to study or exchange in Hongkong, ASEAN countries and promote the people". Hongkong Burma chamber of Commerce founding chairman Wang Zhenfu said that Hongkong can invest Burma electronic communications, trade in services, in addition to Burma’s population structure in young adults, the population factor? Rising, there is great potential for development and investment space. (end)相关的主题文章:

Jaguar f-pace Shanghai offers 120 thousand welcome inquiries sayu-02

The Jaguar F-PACE Shanghai offer up to 120 thousand of the market welcomed the inquiry promotion time: 2016.11.03-2016.11.10 2016 Jaguar F-PACE 2.0T R-SPORT sport Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix area editor in Shanghai have the Jaguar dealers, the store is currently Jaguar F-PACE car in the sale, the color is optional, Car Buying maximum discount 120 thousand, interest friends can go to the store to buy. See details below: F-PACE latest price quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2016 2.0T city exclusive edition 46.80 inquiry 54.80 8 cars are plentiful 2016 2.0T R-SPORT sport 62.80 50.80 inquiry 12 cars are plentiful 2016 3.0T R-SPORT Sports Edition 69.80 57.80 2016 inquiry 12 cars are plentiful 3.0T S high performance version of the 84.80 74.80 inquiry 10 cars are plentiful 2016 3.0T S high performance first limited edition 89.80 77.80 inquiry 12 cars are plentiful more concessions please contact the dealer free consultation telephone: November 2, 40085585822016 market tab: Phoenix car 2016 Jaguar F-PACE 2.0T R-SPORT version of the financial policy: insurance, priced at 54.80 to 2016 2.0T. Enjoy the new edition as an example, depending on the specific cost models to shop for accounting Quasi. Maintenance costs: Jaguar F-PACE models enjoy two kilometers of vehicle warranty. Routine maintenance cycle is 60000 km to replace the oil, machine filter, the cost of about $5000. Replace the oil filter costs about 8000 yuan, the maintenance fee is only as a reference, because of differences in different maintenance materials will cause maintenance costs. Specific costs according to different models in order to store accounting prevail. The Jaguar F-PACE car maintenance insurance information table information maintenance warranty period of 3 years or 60000 km maintenance cycle 10000 kilometers replace the oil filter costs 5000 yuan to replace the oil filter costs about 8000 yuan loan insurance during the first year of full insurance costs to the store to pay the expense to store more information for reference to the specific cost to store accounting for quasi tabulation Phoenix car: > > more details please consult the dealer < < whether a car: Car Dealer Name: million Zhuolu Jaguar dealers address: Shanghai city Minhang District Central Road No. 505 Spring Road (near Qibao) Shanghai City, Putuo District Road No. 399, near Gongliu zhenchen Road (Red Road) can be. Shuttle. Tel: 4008558582 (refer to the car dealer car to get fire phoenix相关的主题文章:

7 little things to prevent precocious puberty – Sohu maternal and child jslottery

7 little things to prevent precocious puberty – Sohu maternal and child 1, excess nutrition is one of the main causes of precocious puberty. To prevent the occurrence of precocious puberty, parents should pay attention to high protein food intake should not be too much, each meal with meat dishes, do not eat meat. 2, eat Western fast food. Studies have shown that 2 times a week to patronize foreign fast food, and regular consumption of fried foods such as fried children, the possibility of precocious puberty is an ordinary child of the times of 2.5. So every week to limit your baby to eat Western fast food, fresh fruit instead of fried foods. 3, tonic will promote child sexual precocity. So do not blindly give the child to eat royal jelly, bee pollen and other " tonic " or to enhance the intelligence of health care products. If necessary, under the guidance of a doctor. 4, mother to store breast contraceptive medicine, cosmetics and so on, so that the children of accidental or contact, do not give children apply adult cosmetics or skin care products. In 5, lactating mothers can not use the smudge on the breast breast products, in order to prevent the baby to eat into the body. 6, the baby to eat less seasonal vegetables and fruits and food containing additives. 7, parents close to avoid the child, in addition to prohibit children to see sex related movies and books. Share the most abundant, the most comprehensive maternal and child safety and health; early childhood education, parenting and other aspects of the information, and with the baby grow up healthy and happy! Everything in the Po mom class, focus on methods: micro signal: baomakt (public number search baomakt long press copy)相关的主题文章: