Philippine coup 3 months after the Philippine presidential palace is being planned for the American vidalia

Philippines 3 months after the coup? The Philippine presidential palace: African Americans – Sohu is planning Military Channel text with map: Philippines presidential press secretary Anderson and the Philippines national police chief. Comprehensive Philippine media reports, Philippines recently came to mobilize people to participate in the let Duthel Te step down activities. Philippines presidential palace 20, said, according to the Philippines news cabinet in the United States, some African Americans are planning to overthrow the government in January next year, Walter, the presidential palace has obtained the coup will investigate the molecular list. According to the Philippines GMA website reported that the presidential palace of Philippines, 20, said, according to the views of some cabinet members, has begun to investigate the president Duthel Te ousted the coup plan. Philippines presidential press secretary Martin Anderson? It said at a press conference, "whether it is a rumor or conclusive information, we are not allowed to develop. It’s illegal, it’s inciting rebellion. This has happened before." It is revealed that Anderson in New York, visiting Philippines cabinet recently provides news, behind the coup plans are a group of African Americans in Philippines, they plan to be in January next year will be out of the office of the president Duthel Te. The Anderson pointed out that currently the office of the president from the United States to obtain exact information and related molecular coup list, but will not open to the outside world. The Anderson said, it is not known whether the organization funds support. The media asked whether a foreign government involved, the Anderson shrugged, "this is a hypothetical question, but any coup against the Duthel Te government plans are not successful." He warned the conspirators not to act rashly, reiterated that it is illegal, and relates to the crime of sedition. According to Philippines’s "Daily Inquirer" reports, some media recently received text messages, call them to "let Duthel Te out" activities. "Let us unite, let us unite against Duthel Te. Please join in today ‘people’s power "memorial rally, let us call Walter to step down. This is an ongoing activity, please forward." Philippines’s "people power" revolution overthrew the dictatorship of former president Marcos. Former president Aquino was killed in 1983 at the Manila airport to support the assassination of the soldiers of Marcos. The assassination of the outrage, eventually evolved into the revolutionary leader, is the wife of Aquino corazon. 1986, "people’s power" revolution will Marcos to step down. According to the Philippines Rappler network reported that many people in Philippines believe that the "people power" revolution was so smooth, because behind the u.s.. Related files also show that CIA has involved. According to the "Philippines star" reported on 21, has previously said the U.S. special forces "must leave Philippines" President Duthel Te once again adjust the position, claiming to Philippines in the South China Sea issue "interest", the current has not asked the U.S. withdrawal from Philippines.相关的主题文章: