Polls say half of the Japanese are opposed to Mr Andouble’s term of office 519697

The poll said the national telephone survey half of Japanese against Andouble to extend the term Japan’s Kyodo news agency in October 29 to 30, the implementation results show that 51.8% of the respondents do not recognize the LDP to extend the revision of the party constitution, the president for a period of practice. After the extension of the term of office of the Liberal Democratic Party, Japan’s prime minister, the current Liberal Democratic Party President Abe Shinzo in September 2018 after the expiration of the term of office of the two president can continue to run for president. Opinion polls show that 51.8% of respondents believe that the term of office of the Liberal Democratic Party President does not extend as well". The Andouble administration’s approval rating fell 1.8 percentage points from the previous poll, to $53.9%. Andouble pushed the negotiations on the territory of the four islands in the north of the island, and 58.6% of respondents did not expect to be able to solve in December with the Russian President, ·,, the summit meeting of President Andouble. In contrast, 38.2% of respondents said "look forward to". 26 this month, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party decided that the president will term constitution stipulates the longest as "two 6 years" to "three 9 year", the decision will be in the Party General Council approval, submitted in March next year held a meeting of the Liberal Democratic party. Because of the Liberal Democratic Party currently has a majority of seats in the house of Representatives, the Liberal Democratic Party President term to "three 9 year", means that if Andouble is successful, the next president in 2018 elections and still maintain the status of the ruling party the Liberal Democratic Party, Andouble as Prime Minister of the long 2021. According to Kyodo news, the latest poll, in terms of political support, liberal democratic party support rate of 40.9%. (reporter Chen Lixi, editor of Tang Zhiqiang, Xinhua International client reports) editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: