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"Premiere" startling step by step: Li popular, fans praise beauty spirit – Sohu entertainment on August 29th broadcast simultaneously over South Korea through the big drama "startling step by step: Li", premiered on achieved amazing results! According to independent broadcast platform Youku data show: in the "startling step by step: after Li" premiere of the 18 hours, the cumulative amount of playing broken million, remarkable achievement. "Li" in startling step by step: yet to launch of concern. After the play premiered on social platforms, "Li" startling step by step: discuss the unusually hot, many issues associated with the series, long time occupy the hot discussion list. In the first episode aired after a few hours, the fans in the comments area comments on tens of thousands of articles. The leading fans have the front row to support their idols. In the drama broadcast platform, the flying barrage comment, is full of fans of anticipation and excitement — the show started from "startling step by step: Hot premiered the drama" Li, is expected to become a phenomenal drama. The "Li" startling step by step did not live up to the expectations of fans, in the two episode has aired wonderful story, highlights continued. First staged naked bathing, stunning the crowd of passers-by fans although most waiting in front of the computer, waiting for the "startling step by step: Li launched the" fans are looking forward to the show, but never thought the first episode will be staged super welfare. All begins with the prince bathing scene, causing the fans screaming. It is widely discussed in the social platform. Because of the "Prince" beautiful shape, is the fans known as the "Prince day spirit beauty". The past six months, every day is looking forward to the "Li" in startling step by step: finally premiered after detonated fans all think about the. Discussion on the plot, the story of the conjecture, almost everywhere. Looking back at the "startling step by step: Li" since the announcement of shooting every step in today’s hot has decided early. "Startling step by step: Li" amazing heat, where the origin of preparation? Shooting date, "startling step by step: Li" concern netizens pay close attention to the domestic drama fans, has bought China’s super IP drama masterpiece "the startling step by step" is the first Korean remake of copyright, Chinese novel history through the big drama. A keen attention to the original powder and the original powder, the Korean version of "Li" in startling step by step: Chinese premiere naturally in comparison with the original novel and original drama, but the real "startling step by step: Li" unusually hot, causes astonishing heat, but also on the super star lineup. With Lee Jun-ki, IU Li Zhien, Bian Boxian, Jiang River, the south pole, and South Korea’s top star cast, including South Korea in recent years can be described as the hottest A-list actor, not only acting solid, beautiful appearance, also has a high popularity. In the case of Bian Boxian, since that he will play "startling step by step: Li in" ten prince, and the drama related topics have been discussed in the episode aired fans, up to date, the topic reading has been close to 2 billion 900 million, and always alive. Have a strong fan base, natural premiere.相关的主题文章: