Release in July and she won the praise of the unveiling of the Hongkong Asian Film Festival (video)

"Release" in July and she won the praise of the unveiling of the Hongkong Asian Film Festival "in July and she" release today, Mid Autumn Festival on the first film Tencent reputation behind the secret of entertainment news by Peter Chan, producer Xu Yuezhen, directed by Derek Tsang, Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun, Li Chengbin starred in the movie "in July and still" today (September 14th) at the national release. Reporters recently learned that the film has been selected for the 2016 Hongkong Asian Film Festival opening film. Hongkong Asian Film Festival since 2004 by the Hongkong Asian Film Festival Association, designed to tap the new generation of Asian films. The issuer said that the film festival is certainly further blessing on July and still "quality". And the good news for the first time synchronization, the film side announced the film "twins" version and a poster behind the creation of special. The poster, "she" (Dongyu Zhou) and "July" (Ma Sichun ornaments) red and blue CP to form the "two sides" twin flowers, and the original interpretation of the baby Anne "they are two one self consistent. The movie "in July and she" since the start of September 6th, the 12 city point since, regardless of the general audience, professional critics, or the media reporters have given the annual "surprise", "2016 most understand the girl movie" IP "adaptation of new model of" high praise, praise the film ingenious, constantly surprises, ending warm that is the most suitable for the Mid Autumn Festival to watch the movie". Aspect one: emotional delicate! The 2016 girls understand "wanton tears of the movie" in July and she "adapted from the famous Chinese youth literature writer Anne baby as the founder level. Tells the story of "peace" and "July" of two girls from the age of 13 years of acquaintance, the fetters of growth story. When the rebellion and "still" with the clever lady "July", they hit it off, grow together, share their feelings, even in love with a boy, but also several times because of "love" and "let". However, the theme of the film broke the previous Youth Theme made films for the love of tear force ", no groan enjoin neither painful nor itching disease blood routine, really will focus on the two girls growing up constantly tangled cut, but the above pure emotion to each other. Director Derek Tsang said that "the two of them is a woman of symbiosis, are two sides of a woman, the play was very attractive to me is that you can put in July and is the same person as she to deal with." The original Anne baby will explain the relationship between the two: "a person’s heart of the two self, self confrontation and reconciliation." When dealing with the feelings and emotions of two people, the film pays more attention to the expression of the inner feelings of the characters, and displays the "small emotions" and "careful thinking" of the two different characters. Actress Sandra Ng in the concept of the movie was touched, said: "look at the time have been thinking that they are still in July alone, so touched, cried many times, now the eye is swollen." Actor Song Jia said he cried many times: "this is the director’s debut? Really not like. Girls in the heart of the place is very delicate, he caught too place!" Aspect two: adaptation model! The most difficult IP contribution "the most warm heart mid autumn feast" in July and she "is Anne’s first baby movie works. Director Peter Chan rate.相关的主题文章: