Remember, and soon a vegetarian – Zen and Sohu

Vegetarian? And eat and drink before the meal with Zen – Sohu a pot of warm tea to get rid of the body of the chill, yam do snacks and delicious appetizers, this October as the subway, although not gentle, but memorable. A spoonful of tofu, broccoli, abandon the caramel, relive the original taste of ingredients. Sweet soup, pumpkin, yam, lotus root, carrots are stewed soft, sweet medicine Dendrobium people tongue fluid. All the ingredients are warm and no edges and corners, together with the time also become delicate, interwoven in the soft light, the air is sweet smell. Here, thanks to my Zen Bodhi leaf. See the Buddha? Flowers six flavors of tea set with four kinds of snacks? Cherry Tomatoes, green, comfortable casual pitaya? Taste of life pickled fish, spicy jelly, juice, and fruit of Shouyang Dried tofu panacea? Corn, pumpkin, Bodhi nectar yam, Chinese wolfberry, jujube, black carrot, Dendrobium attendant said, first eat hot dishes the dish is appropriate to eat. When the stomach temperature, nutrition will be easily absorbed. The dish is four cases, Congshao yellow ear the most amazing, soft yet chewiness, scallion stir fry fragrant, the fragrance of a micro focus. Xingbaogu Q play the full, delicious mushroom sauce, gently enough to use a little black pepper flavor. Pay attention to the quality of vegetarian ingredients, and eat the bamboo okra itself delicious. Original quinoa Salad salad sauce to eat the best, why. The taste of Thailand green papaya is among the rest, hot and sour taste to promote digestion, at the same time, the staple food to eat. The same four staple food, dumplings do three small dough fillings collocation reasonable, homemade letinous edodes sauce and quinoa medical complement each other. Rough but full of flavor sushi roll to eat more fragrant. A bowl of hot Xi’an plain it is satisfied to be complete as ending yogurt. A refreshing papaya and lotus? Steamed Tofu Stuffed with Vegetables, fresh peach Gai Lan, quinoa salad? Buddhism boundless Congshao yellow ear, colorful water bamboo, black pepper abalone mushroom, boiled okra? Happy mercy quinoa dumpling incense coil, plain, three, letinous edodes medical Boiled dumplings gourmet quinoa? Four sweet homemade nuts yogurt is beautiful a small dish seems less, eating is full of satiety, just perfect degree of joy, compared to those under the banner of "vegetarian under the banner of the sale of high oil and high calorie meat imitation, such a vegetarian diet make people feel at ease, seeking a pure land, a crescent moon, drinking a pot of tea, V. heart like zen. "Bodhi leaf address: Chaoyang District Guanghua Road, sunshine 100F tips:238 Deshang consumption相关的主题文章: