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Samsung’s $22 billion market value evaporated all Note 7 security warning U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 12, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that Samsung in two days the market value fell to $22 billion, as investors consider the smart phone Note 7 the ban and warning expanded, will bring greater blow to Samsung profits. Samsung shares since Friday has tumbled 11%, the highest since 2008 the biggest decline in two days. Prior to U.S. regulators and Samsung warned users will Note 7 shutdown and do not charge. Civil aviation authorities and airlines have called on passengers to stop using the device during flight. The decline in the share price suggests that the Samsung brand’s damage may well exceed the early estimate of $1 billion a single product recall costs. Over the past few years, Samsung invested heavily in brand marketing, hoping to launch a few weeks ago in the new iPhone, Samsung released its new equipment, leading apple. Now this advantage has disappeared. IDC is responsible for equipment research vice president Bryan Ma said that Samsung’s nightmare intensified; it is difficult to distinguish the given models, airlines or prohibit all Samsung phone, but not limited to Note 7; if so, Note 7 may eventually drag other Samsung products. Samsung on September 2nd announced the recall, previously found 36 smart phone Note battery fire or explosion of 7. On Saturday, Samsung called on South Korean users to stop using the device and send the product back to Samsung’s service center. Less than 7 months from the listing of Note. Equipped with new battery Note 7 is scheduled for September 19th listing. The headquarters is located in Suwon Samsung said in announcing the recall, including consumers and operators holding mobile phone, has shipped about 2 million 500 thousand Note 7. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Samsung are negotiating a formal recall of the device as soon as possible. Almost all of CPSC’s recall cases are voluntary cooperation with the company, while the scope of action for the Note 7 or consistent with Samsung has been recommended to consumers. But once CPSC is involved, it will trigger additional protections for consumers. For example, when CPSC takes action, American law prohibits the sale or re sale of recalled goods. After the United States made a serious response, the uncertainty about Note 7 recall has increased, IBK Securities Co. analyst in Seoul Lee Seung Woo said. Samsung had to update each Note 7 battery, as soon as possible to solve the situation now, appease consumers. In the worst case, Samsung or had to consider temporarily interrupt the sale of Note 7." Original title Samsung by Billion Note 7 Safety Pile Up responsible editor: Guo 8, as,, Warnings相关的主题文章: