Scientists will set up the first space nation to defend the asteroid collision (video) tianbi

Scientists will set up the first space state to defend the asteroid hit "space state" will become a reality! Now, a team of scientists has announced that it will build the world’s first space nation, mainly to protect against the threat posed by space disaster. Tencent space news, according to the British Daily Mail reported that in the near future, the space state will become a reality! Recently, an international team of scientists announced the establishment of the first national space, named "Astoria (Asgardia), scheduled to begin in 2017 to launch a satellite. People can be in the "Astoria project" website to become a registered residents space state, but only 100 thousand people recognized before the first landing registration. According to the person in charge of the project description, through the establishment of a complete new country, will establish a new framework for space rights and interests of residents and the status of the space state. The team of scientists is responsible for Igor – a Shure (Igor Ashurbeyli) Dr. Bailey, he is the international aviation research center founder, a press conference held in Paris in France in October 11th he announced this major space program. One of the early work of the team of scientists is to build an advanced protection barrier for the entire human race, which will prevent the earth from blocking the man-made and natural space threats, and protect the earth from disaster. These threats include: space junk, solar flares, asteroid collisions, etc.. It is reported that there are more than 20 thousand space can be traced in the artificial space junk, including in the vicinity of the orbital position of the abandoned spacecraft, the first rocket. Objects in space also pose a threat to life on earth, for example: in 2013 the Russian Chelyabinsk meteorite collision, resulting in 1100 people injured, 4000 homes destroyed. (yo yo) beautiful stars and starry sky outside the International Space Station相关的主题文章: