Secretary of Hunan Yunnan Tibet adjustment Du cents was the national outstanding Party Secretary (vi noreply

Secretary of Hunan Yunnan Tibet adjustment: Du cents was the party secretary of county Party committee, national outstanding office responsible comrades adjustment of Tibet Autonomous Region Party Secretary Wu Yingjie, Hunan provincial Party Secretary Du Jiahao of Yunnan provincial Party Secretary Chen Haoxin news Xinhua News Agency yesterday afternoon issued an important personnel adjustment message, Hunan, Yunnan, Tibet three provinces party secretary adjustment. Hunan, Xu Shousheng no longer serve as secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee, former governor of Hunan by the Du cents succession; Yunnan, Moses Chan by Yunnan governor post, transferred to Yunnan provincial Party committee, Yunnan provincial Party Secretary Li Jiheng served as the original appointment; Wu Yingjie Tibet, deputy secretary of the Tibet autonomous region Party committee positions, transferred to the party secretary of Tibet autonomous region, the original otherwise Chen Quanguo served as party secretary of Tibet autonomous region and. The above personnel adjustment, three new provincial (District) committee secretary Du Jiahao, Moses Chan, Wu Yingjie, born in July 1955, February 1954 and December 1956 respectively, Wu Yingjie is the youngest, aged 59 years old; the oldest Moses Chan, 61 years old. Three people belong to the local post, respectively, by the governor of the post, deputy secretary of the Party committee, was transferred to the provincial (District) committee secretary. Du is a member of the eighteen central committee. Three out of the province (District) committee secretary Xu Shousheng, Li Jiheng, Chen Quanguo, Xu Shousheng was born in January 1953, aged 63 years of age; Li Jiheng was born in January 1957, aged 59 years of age; Chen Quanguo was born in November 1955, aged 61 years of age. Official bulletin, Xu Shousheng no longer serve as secretary of the Hunan Provincial Committee, standing committee, committee member, Li Jiheng, and other appointment of the president of the people’s Republic of China, the former Secretary of the Communist Party of China ". In addition, according to last night’s Hunan satellite TV, Hunan news network reported that the central decision, Xu Dazhe served as Hunan Provincial Committee, standing committee, deputy secretary. The 60 year old Xu Dazhe, who work in the aerospace system for many years, served as vice president, Chinese Rocket Technology Research Institute deputy general manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation general manager, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of industry in December 2013. Figure – Hunan provincial Party Secretary Du cents at the age of 38 was rated outstanding party secretary’s office, Du cents from "Beidacang" came to Hunan, has been 3 years and 5 months, yesterday, leading cadres in Hunan province’s meeting, "said Du cents to Hunan more than three years of work, I try to arouse from the great hometown, the red culture does not forget the early heart, unremitting power forward, from the thick Hunan culture from the pioneers, the spirit of seeking truth from the food." Du is a starting point to work at Shanghai City Yuejin farm tool factory workers, working in the Shanghai farm system for 19 years, 36 years of age in 1992 became bureau level officials, served as Deputy Secretary of Shanghai City, Songjiang County, the following year he was appointed secretary of Songjiang county. 1995, in the country’s top 100 county Party Secretary of the election, was awarded excellent county Party secretary. According to media reports, when attending the Awards held in Beijing outstanding party secretary, Du Jiahao returned to Shanghai to live in a peasant’s home, because at that time the society is popular with farmers than the people in the city are rich ", he wanted to make sure of the situation. See the vast majority of farmers in the home only black and white television and a few pieces of old furniture, cover the building of half of the money is borrowed from the West相关的主题文章: