Shanxi plans to start 212 thousand affordable housing this year – Sohu news

This year, Shanxi plans to start low-income housing 212 thousand sets of Sohu – Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan February 5th news (reporter Liang Xiaofei) reporter from the recently held Shanxi housing and urban construction work meeting was informed that this year Shanxi plans for construction of affordable housing projects 212 thousand sets, which shed 210 thousand sets, 2 thousand sets of public rental housing; basically completed 150 thousand sets, which shed 120 thousand units, 30 thousand units of public rental investment 50 billion yuan. Monetization resettlement will become the main channel of Shanxi shed reform in the future. Shanxi provincial housing department, to take over the payment of monetary subsidies, the government unified purchase and voluntary residents to buy commercial housing and other forms, to ensure that the monetary settlement ratio of not less than 50%, commercial housing inventory larger cities to reach more than 80%. Transformation of village in city will become the focus of shed reform. Last year, a total of 138 Villages and 79 thousand and 300 households were built in Shanxi, and the amount of renovation in one year was nearly 5 times that of the previous 11 years. This year, Shanxi will be "easy, difficult, first in, after the outside", to ensure that the completion of 75 thousand households transformation task. The support scope of the policy will be expanded to the key towns in the country, and the shantytowns in key towns should be further strengthened. At present, there are 138 national key towns in Shanxi. In order to solve the problem of capital shortage, Shanxi will put the shantytowns funds into the budget arrangements at all levels of government, local bonds preferred for shed reform. Make full use of development finance to support the policy of shed reform. Establish the project reserve system, carry out the preliminary work of the project ahead of time, speed up the formalities and ensure the timely credit granting of the loan. Change the service started to explore the establishment of government purchase shed, shed funds, the implementation of PPP mode of cooperation, encourage social organizations and private capital to actively participate in the shed. Author: Liang Xiaofei (source: Xinhua News Agency)

山西今年计划开工保障房21.2万套-搜狐新闻  新华社太原2月5日专电(记者梁晓飞)记者从近日召开的山西住房城乡建设工作会上了解到,今年山西计划开工保障性安居工程21.2万套,其中棚改21万套、公租房0.2万套;基本建成15万套,其中棚改12万套、公租房3万套;完成投资500亿元。  货币化安置,将成为今后一个时期山西棚改的主要渠道。山西省住建厅要求,各地要采取发放货币补贴、政府统一购买和居民自愿购买商品房等形式,确保货币化安置比例不低于50%,商品房库存较大的市要达到80%以上。  城中村改造,将成为棚改重点。去年,山西共开工改造城中村138个、7.93万户,一年的改造量是过去11年平均改造量的近5倍。今年,山西将“先易后难、先里后外”,确保完成7.5万户改造任务。  棚改政策的支持范围,将扩大到全国重点镇,进一步加强重点镇棚户区改造工作。目前,山西共有138个全国重点镇。  为解决资金短缺问题,山西将把棚户区改造资金纳入各级政府预算安排,地方债券优先用于棚改。用足用好开发性金融支持棚改政策。建立项目储备制度,提前开展项目前期工作,加快手续办理,确保贷款及时授信。全面启动政府购买棚改服务工作,探索建立棚改基金,推行PPP合作模式,鼓励社会机构和民间资本积极参与棚改。  作者:梁晓飞 (来源:新华社)相关的主题文章: