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Shenzhen green were then exposed: passengers found tricky was love threat sit down to the morning of September 8th, less than one kilometer, two car show that the price gap between the number of kilometers and large. The investigation of Nandu green were repeated exposure why government departments still weak supervision? Recently, one from Nanjing’s Mr. Xue south are rebellion, himself from Baoan Fuyong airport hit the green hotel, the actual distance of 11 kilometers, the invoice has shown on the left foot is 27 kilometers, eventually forced to pay compared to normal times more fare, "the plane was green Henzai a meal, the whole people feel are not good." In order to confirm the authenticity of Mr. Xue rebellion, and verify the abnormal phenomenon of the fare is now a green industry is still a common phenomenon, the reporter in Nandu in September 6, 8 days in two days to Baoan District Fuyong airport field experience. In two days of experience, a total of 6 reporters in Nandu take green vehicles, there are abnormal probability of fare, abnormal prices as high as 100%, which found much difference with normal number of kilometers a 14 km, the fare is 40 yuan from normal to 70 yuan, the rate is as high as 75%. In November last year, Nandu had reported a green with "jump table" lead to abnormal survey fare, caused no small repercussions in the society, so the relevant departments have also launched a series of thorough investigation of action, and promised the normalization. However, after a lapse of less than a year, the reporter found that green fees chaos still exist. The rebellion was the threat of foreign passengers through tricky love sit down "at the airport that day hit a green car ready to return to the hotel, did not take long before I found something wrong." Mr. Xue told reporters, through their own guidance in the airport taxi waiting area got a green, who knows not how far, Mr. Xue was found abnormal, the starting price of 6 yuan before the green taxi, airport 3 km, the meter price has been close to 20 yuan. In the detection of the wrong, Mr. Xue put forward their objections to the green driver, but get a reply but he was extremely surprised. "I usually watch the news, know the jump table is tricky, I asked the driver is not installed a jump table, he told me that I don’t pretend, let him in, he can not say, unless give him 50 yuan fare, or love to sit down." Mr. Xue said that he was very angry, but suffer from the unfamiliar, and the vehicle has been pulled out of a distance, he had to compromise, after reaching the destination, the actual distance of 11 kilometers, the meter is 27 kilometers away, eventually pay the fare 70 yuan. "After arriving at the hotel, the more I want to get angry, I will call the 12358 complaint phone and get a reply that is known to be processed." Mr. Xue angrily told reporters, to the customer complaints, the other only to yourself for the rest of the license plate number, the specific circumstances will not ask, finally even ask if you need to deal with this problem, the "green by illegal means illegal charge passenger fares, complaints do not get appropriate treatment, I feel very helpless." 8 km run out of the "35.26 km" theory相关的主题文章: