Sichuan military sing does not set is the original singer Jolin flop

Sichuan military sing "does not set" is the original singer Jolin "flop" Hualong network September 24th 12:58 news (intern reporter Jin Xing) University of military training can get a star "flop"? Today (24) days, the reporter found a section of Sichuan University of foreign language training in the micro-blog video, video of the students are practicing squatting, while also singing pop singer Jolin’s song "sun", the micro-blog Jolin joked: "you said forward sister go where can not sing sun? Can not." Military training students told reporters: "military training is a relatively boring stage, hard work is sure, and instructors enrich the military life of all kinds of methods is also an unexpected surprise."." Micro-blog Internet friends message in Jolin micro-blog, "we girls are singing with life on", "I am honored to be a member of the" etc.. Now is the University "military training season", in order to enrich the University Freshmen’s military training life, colleges and universities also come up with "coup", before there are stars appear, encourage college students are training and "thousand people stacked tofu" and other hot spots.

川外军训唱《日不落》 被原唱蔡依林“翻牌”   华龙网9月24日12时58分讯 (实习记者 金星)大学军训还能得到明星“翻牌”?今(24)日,记者在微博中发现一段四川外国语大学军训视频,视频中同学们正在练蹲姿,同时还在齐唱流行歌手蔡依林的歌曲《日不落》,该条微博被蔡依林转发调侃:“你说姐走到哪里能不唱日不落吗?不能。”   正在军训的同学告诉告诉记者:“军训是一个相对枯燥的阶段,辛苦是肯定的,而教官们丰富军训生活的各种方法也算是意外惊喜。”   而微博上网友们也在蔡依林微博后留言,“我们女生是用生命在唱日不落”,“我很荣幸能成为其中的一员” 等。   现在正值大学“军训季”,为了丰富大学新生们的军训生活,各高校也想出“妙招”,之前也有明星现身高校鼓励正在军训的同学们以及“千人叠豆腐块”等登上热点。相关的主题文章: