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The size of the trust assets into the new normal or single digit growth in two quarter NPL ratio rose to 0.8% (Figure) – Sohu financial reporter Zhang Qi reported in Beijing in August 24th, China trust industry association data show that in 2016 the end of the two quarter of the trust industry management of trust assets for 17 trillion and 290 billion yuan, an increase of 8.95%, for the first time since 2010, the "single digit" growth. The second half of the trust industry asset management growth may still maintain a single digit growth." Huarong Trust researcher Yuan Jiwei said, with the continuous adjustment of the industry cycle, single digit growth is likely to be the new normal. At the same time, income, total profit is still a continuation of the "double down" trend, a decline of over 10%; and the poor scale, poor rates double up, NPL ratio rose to 0.8%. Trust and Financial Research Institute of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, said the two key elements of the future development of the trust industry lies in the level of risk management and control, asset management capabilities. The size of the trust assets reached 17 trillion and 290 billion a good news and bad news, good news is a continuation of the growth of trust assets exceeded 17 trillion to 17 trillion and 290 billion; but the bad news is that this is since 2010 the trust assets growth rate of the first single digit growth. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and financial trust Analysis Institute said: "in the face of default risk, the pressure rise difficulties such as the transformation and upgrading of the background, the size of the trust assets to achieve steady increase is not easy. In fact, since the beginning of the two quarter of 2013, the annual growth rate of trust assets showed a downward trend." Single digit growth may be the new normal." Yuan Jiwei said that the single digit growth is associated with the same period last year, a high base, but also reflects the shortage of capital contribution to the acquisition of assets of the trust ability test. The market is highly competitive asset quality, the scale of the contribution of innovative business assets is low, the scale of the growth of the size of the trust assets is difficult to alleviate the short term. In addition, the recent trust channel business ushered in a number of favorable policies may be conducive to further increase the size of the trust. But most industry insiders believe that should not be expected to channel business. Yan Guijun, President of Everbright trust, said that now open to finance, mixed, increasingly blurred boundaries, relying on a policy to achieve prosperity is not rational. In addition to a small increase in the size of the trust, the trust industry a number of performance indicators decline. The two quarter of 2016 the trust industry revenue and profit continued to "double down" situation. The industry achieved operating income of 28 billion 143 million yuan, down by 10.40%; total profit of $19 billion 943 million, down by 10.39%. There are many reasons for the decline in performance." The bridge trust postdoctoral researcher Zhang Yong believes that on the one hand the traditional investments such as real estate, has not fully recovered, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce; at the same time the trust industry transformation and upgrading is still in its infancy, family trusts, consumer trust has not yet been grown as a new profit growth point; in addition, the supervision of the supervision department for more and more standardized and other factors. However, there is an important indicator of the decline in performance needs to be noted that the two quarter of the investment income of $6 billion 188 million, a drop of up to 50.20 odd相关的主题文章: