Small radio Monday recommended 78% hit rate size 11 push red ball bleep

Small radio on Monday recommended hit rate of 78% the size of the ball 11 push red Monday night is often referred to as "a lottery night", many people are on this day choose to avoid betting. From the historical experience, it is less frequent day. But yesterday, intelligent lottery are recommended results, is quite amazing: 11 radio 6 recommended Shengping Fu 5 red, 11 red 1 handicap recommended 8 go 2 black, the size of the ball reached 11 amazing red recommended push, the overall performance of 25 Red 1 7 black, 78% hit rate! [see small recommended Champions Europa! Manchester Barcelona first debut!] last night, hit rate reached 78% at the same time, "bonus" quality is also high, the Swedish super Yan Xueping and Solna game, 39% small probability of radio Yan Xueping home court results 3.5 draw, Gaoping lost to capture, and the game disc, the size of the ball is recommended; the second division St. Pauli and Nuremberg game, the two sides look very anxious from the odds, but the odds are the top Gambling company Gaoping lost to 3.30, down and found negative, but small but singled out draw wisdom, and draw the recommendation probability reached 44%, far higher than the probability of the outcome, the results the draw went out! This is the second division game of three recommendations in full. Last night and small five leagues in the premier Storck recommended, VS Swansea, VS Palermo, Udine VS Cagliari Serie A Turin disc, and the size of the ball Shengping Fu recommended to achieve full of amazing state! So the best small, is currently waiting for the Champions League, look at fiercely as a tiger does Europa arrival of the game! [see, buy lottery bottom of my heart! (mouth day)相关的主题文章: