Soil pollution incidents frequently call for standardization of soil remediation

Soil pollution is frequent soil remediation calls for standardization of [Abstract] in recent years, found from Guangdong, Hunan and other places of cadmium exceed the standard "poisonous rice" to Jiangsu, Changzhou’s "poison", around the soil pollution incidents have occurred. In recent years, from Guangdong, Hunan and other places found cadmium exceeded poison rice, to Jiangsu, Changzhou, poison, soil pollution incidents occurred around. Experts pointed out that with the transformation of the city more and more chemical companies to withdraw from the city center, there will be a large number of the original chemical land converted into residential, commercial land, the potential risk of soil pollution diffusion is not small. At present, domestic enterprises have formed a number of governance programs and technologies, and need to further promote the standardization of related industries to promote the operation. Soil pollution is becoming more and more urgent in recent years, the problem of soil pollution appears frequently in many places. Zheng Xianqiang, researcher at the Tianjin Academy of Environmental Sciences, due to the emissions of pollutants is high, the problem of soil pollution is serious in some areas, and the people are on contaminated land production and life safety hazard. Let the experts worry that in the transformation of the old industrial district of many domestic city and advance in the process of urbanization, there are a lot of chemical plant is to exit from the city center, it is residential, shopping mall and other civilian facilities. Once there is a problem of soil pollution in the original chemical land, and the treatment is not complete, it will cause a huge pollution risk to the subsequent civilian facilities. Jointly issued by the Ministry of environmental protection and the Ministry of land and resources in April 2014 of the "national survey of Soil Pollution Bulletin" disclosure, industrial and mining waste soil environmental issues outstanding, chemical, mining, metallurgy and other industries of the industrial wasteland is one of the most typical areas of pollution. In the survey of 81 industrial wasteland in the soil of the 775 points, the excess point accounted for 34.9%. Remediation technology matures in recent years, soil pollution remediation has been widely recognized, the huge market has attracted many enterprises. 2015, the number of enterprises engaged in soil remediation business grew to more than 900, up to double. China Airlines Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is an early involvement in the remediation of soil pollution remediation of state-owned enterprises. General manager of the company, party secretary Xie Weidong said that they have to carry out a number of chemical pollution of the soil to carry out harmless treatment, from a practical point of view, the localization of technical means has not been a big obstacle. Reporters came to the day before from the company’s ongoing remediation project site. This project is located in Wuqing District Flower Town Tianjin City, the scene is provided with a plurality of contaminated ponds, each about the size of a basketball court. Project Manager Wang Qi introduced, these polluted ponds from the original Tianjin Shengli chemical factory, used for wastewater pollution, sediment has been seriously polluted, not only the surrounding grass, and the scene has a strong pungent odor, causing a serious threat to the health of the surrounding villagers. In the days of Air Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. chief engineer Hu Baoan introduction, the current soil pollution remediation mainly has 3 kinds of methods: washing technology for heavy metal pollution in soil Lin, curing technology sublimation of compound pollution, and the pyrolysis volatile organic compounds pollution treatment technology. Operation standard)相关的主题文章: