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South North PK re upgrade! Winter in the north or south? Sohu – lidongben. Jianshi, too, marks the beginning of winter. "Winter tonic in winter, air fill the mouth", the North eat dumplings, from "Jiaozi" argument, the beginning of winter is the autumn, so eat dumplings customs. The South eat poultry meat: people eat mutton stove, Jiang Muya, sesame chicken, chicken Siwu to supplement energy. Weibo @ Caroline forest north buddy Panlai finally gradually heating, while the south is buddy began to pack up like a glimpse of the north wind and snow. Really should be the phrase, "you are in the south of the sun in the snow. I’m in the north of the night, four seasons such as spring ~ "down down down (harborer would like to ask, so happy?) Video source network OK ~ now we have two dollars in business to want to play in the South ~ * * * * off snow shoes – Inner Mongolia Arxan Oriental Switzerland winter in Arxan Yushu as the ice, rime, Barry gallery is the rime of fantasy, but very cold in winter in Arxan, to bring the foot warm clothing, down jacket, winter clothes. From the mafengwo user @ small stars from mafengwo users @ little stars from small stars – users @ mafengwo – the snow village where my father was filmed the snow township is located in Heilongjiang Province, is a large forest under the Hailin Forestry Bureau, the snow here a long period, frequent snowfall, snow period of up to 7 months, snow the amount is Chinese. Pictures from the network from the mafengwo user @ Bob small monster pictures from the network – – – Hailuogou Tibetan area in Hailuogou in Sichuan province is located in the Ganzi mountains, is the highest mountain in the eastern margin of Tibetan plateau. Known for its modern glaciers at low altitudes, Hailuogou No.1 glacier is the largest and lowest elevation of the five glaciers in the Gongga mountains. Most visitors to Hailuogou mountain scenery here. From the mafengwo user @ Maple dance day from mafengwo user @ Maple dance day from mafengwo user @ Maple dance day from mafengwo user @ Maple Dance Day – – – Changbai Mountain four seasons are beautiful Changbai Mountain real began the year from the "eleven" before and after, until the end of April next year. At this time the cold temperature between -35 DEG to -40 DEG C below zero, especially during the Spring Festival, the great snow mountain, mountain view will display a polar winter scene, spectacular. From the user mafengwo @ thirteen @ thirteen from the crazy ant cellular users crazy from mafengwo users @ thirteen – Kanas – Xinjiang – Crazy photographers paradise Kanas scenic spot is located in Xinjiang’s Taishan middle, located in Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia and Chinese bordering the gold zone. Kanas lake and the surrounding mountains, grasslands, birch forest composed of beautiful scenery and well-known, far and near. From the mafengwo user @ Xiao from mafengwo users @ Xiao from mafengwo users @ Mancini相关的主题文章: