Super special model inventory do not think that money can buy (video) jessica rabbit

Super special custom inventory models do not think that money can buy the day before, the Dodgers released four new special version of the official chart, including T A, A Challenger challenger T Plus, ChargerDaytona ChargerDaytona 392 and a total of four models. Dodge the launch of four new models intended to pay tribute to the 1970 Dodge Challenger T A and 1969 dodge ChargerDaytona these two classic models. "A" Dodge Challenger T Dodge Challenger red body with a golden wheel as full force Dodge Challenger T A models 1970 models salute object is the Dodge Challenger T A, a former SCCA Trans Am to create the event in 1970, sold a total of 2399 vehicles. The launch of the new car adds a series of performance components based on cash challenger R on the T models, including from SRTHellcat (hellcat) models of the "Air Catcher" headlights, opening front engine cover, Mopar air filter, a new control valve sports exhaust system, and a set of 20 inch black light lightweight Mopar forging Aluminum Alloy rim. The power car used by the 5.7L HEMIV8 engine cash challenger R T models, the maximum output power of 380 horsepower. In order to meet the needs of more consumers, but also for the Dodge Challenger T A launched a super track upgrade package, which contains a number of chassis movement upgrades, including a half inch suspension lowering kit, suitable to Bilstein times of high performance brand shock absorber, brake pads, can completely shut down the three mode of vehicle electronic stability program and Goodyear’s high performance Eagle F1 tire. The challenger T A Plus models on this basis, but also equipped with electric heating and ventilation function of the Nappa leather high performance seats, as well as more comfortable configuration. "ChargerDaytona" dodge dodge ChargerDaytona model tribute object is released only 501 cars 1969 dodge ChargerDaytona models, a former American NASCAR (NASCAR) to create the event, exaggerated modeling has become fashionable for a time after the spoiler. However, the launch of the ChargerDaytona model and the NASCAR event has nothing to do with the new car’s power consistent with the challenger T A models, the same is equipped with a 5.7L HEMIV8 engine. "T A" and "392 Dodge Challenger 392 Dodge Challenger T ChargerDaytona. Also, A and ChargerDaytona also introduced the" 392 "version of the model, changes in two" 392 "models is the largest two installed a 6.4L HEMIV8 engine. The engine’s maximum output power of 492 horsepower, peak torque of 644 cattle · m, matching the 8 speed manual gearbox. And the new car is also equipped with the first six pistons, after.相关的主题文章: