Suqian three years of modernization of education to achieve the jump of the three tsumori chisato

The modernization of education in Suqian city for three years to achieve the "three jump" in recent years, the city’s education system in accordance with the Suqian municipal government on the modernization of education decision-making arrangements, conscientiously implement the modernization of the city’s education will promote the spirit, improve the construction plan, a clear focus, strengthen coordination, to do the construction and monitoring of the city’s education modernization and has achieved remarkable results. According to the 2015 annual modernization of Jiangsu province education examination report the provincial education department, the Provincial Bureau of statistics released by the Suqian city in 2015 monitoring score of 73.77, than in 2014 increased 6.51 points, compared to 2013 increased 16.57 points, to maintain rapid growth for three consecutive years, the successful completion of the municipal government planning schedule. Among them, Suyu District, 79.8 points, 11.99 points higher than last year; Sihong County, 76.88 points, 7.42 points higher than last year; Sucheng District 75.77 points, 4.27 points higher than last year; Shuyang County, 74.11 points, 7.78 points higher than last year; Siyang County, 71.6 points, 4.33 points higher than last year. Suyu District, Shuyang in the province’s ranking were improved 14, 2. (Li Yuan)相关的主题文章: