Taizhou 78 year old man to build roads for nearly 50 years infected with young people to work with h jinshen

Taizhou 78 year old road duty for nearly 50 years, young people infected with him (Figure) in the village of young people infected with, do good in xicen village of Huangyan Beiyang town and he asked the child, the villagers all know, Xuechi, "Tong Road repair Xuechi ah, is not easy to do, for nearly 50 years." The old road good, many villagers moved. Chasing the truck road tricycle Huangyan Beiyang town xicen village, recently in the repair of the sewage pipe. The village is two meters wide, and there are big trucks coming and going. Xicen village before two years laying over tap water pipeline, the village cement road has some gap, in order to avoid the bumps, the truck driver always open the stop, some uncomfortable. After a truck, some old tricycle stops at the edge of the gap, one looks kindly, bent old man jumped out of the car, from the back seat tricycle pulled out a bamboo basket and a shovel. The bamboo basket filled with some cement and crushed bricks, he picked up a shovel, a shovelful of debris, to fill the gap in the go slowly, carefully with flat, with a spade pat, confirm the tamped, he put down the tools, riding a tricycle, the road to continue chasing the truck. Tricycle master, called Tong Xuechi, 78 years old this year, is a native of xicen village. Tong Xuechi is an authentic farmer, living a very ordinary, previously planted rice, vegetables, now in the field of labor for a lifetime, there is no special place. To inquire about the road to the children Xuechi, good folks, know him. Obligations for the village road nearly 50 years ago, the main road of the village road, is a loess road 50. At that time, the rainy season, the most annoying. Tong Xuechi recalled, bumpy road area of water, pedestrians accidentally stepped on the foot, will get muddy, "go to the field work, always got it, and could not head, babies who go to school, it is not convenient." One day, the child Xuechi provoked his pole, with a bamboo basket, spade and hoe to dig to the edge of the field, Wong, to the creek pit to take stones, to repair the road to the village. The children Xuechi such a repair, the Loess Road formed a lot, the villagers were happy, praise him a good child, Xuechi very feel shy, "fill the road is not what the craft, to get a good, which is worth." "The usual slack, one morning, find the pit pit, anyway idle is idle." From then on, the road has become a part of children’s life Xuechi. For him, this is a trivial matter in life, but a small matter, adhere to nearly 50 years, it is not trivial. This way of tinkering down load tools Xuechi Tong, from the pole into the tricycle, he from a young man into a go with head high and chest out, a man with thoracic kyphosis. Five or six years ago, the village poured cement road. Tong Xuechi is also the times for materials, no longer use yellow and stones, with clastic cement and bricks, who built a house, decoration, always leave building rubbish, I put them over the flat shovel, both road and waste." Tong Xuechi said. His behavior infected the villagers.相关的主题文章: