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The tattoo artist | creative funny Tattoo – delicate fun interesting material Sohu which is a Bi lattice of the literati circle this is a group of creative and funny tattoo, tattoo individual appeared before, but because of a series of out again, convenient friends need reference. (pictured above, jumped into the Milky Way, very creative) very cute girl ~ (artist WeChat ID:wszixunshi) love tattoos, love freedom, faith and love fashion. It is not enough to be a gentleman in the following series of animals, but when it comes to this, it feels like a series of sarcasm. The person who has been hurt should know his pain. The cold wind swept over the delicate dark ~ ~ ~ the whale watching the scenery climbing to the top of the very creative fish fall ~ chic creative design – the Hedgehog Character properly, the organic combination of rigorous and free and easy. Color plays a punchline, make work more lively. The charm of this picture let you conch what thought? Tattoo — is a kind of attitude to life TATTOO classic Tattoos Tattoo manuscript相关的主题文章: