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The 63 year old Peter sore gums containing "stone" stop toothache swallowed almost suffocate "medicine" looks like a plastic Zhuhai gorge network November 23rd news (reporter Chen Yanyan correspondent Chen Bing Hoi Qingwen recently, Nanping map) Xu Yibo gum aches, he listened to the salesman’s "tricks" – containing a medicine can stop the pain. Unexpectedly, he accidentally swallowed stones, blocked suffocatively. The doctor spent more than an hour, just take out the slippery stone, but stone is relatively small, he didn’t suffocate. Get up at night on the toilet accidentally swallowed "medicine" by Peter Xu, 63 years old this year, a few days ago, he in the health care massage shop, someone selling a stone to him, which is the natural stones, can relieve the pain in your mouth. On the evening of 20, 2006 gum aches, put the medicine contained in the teeth before going to bed at night between 11 am, he got up to the toilet, but, together, they slid into his throat, coughing and wheezing soon feel chest tightness, also coughed up some blood. His family sent him to the local hospital overnight, but the doctor said no rescue equipment. Spent the night, the next morning 11 am, he arrived at the first hospital of Fuzhou City, then he swallowed the medicine distance has been 12 hours. With tracheoscope hook "display medicine" lung doctor CT, a foreign body spherical lower bronchus of right lung middle of 2006. 21, 4 pm, director of the Department of respiratory medicine Tang Guoliang made bronchoscopy for tracheal mucosa has found around 2006, congestion and edema, but "small ball" is very slippery, 2006 a breath, "ball" will rotate, try dozens of times, clip out. Tang got a biopsy forceps, diameter of only 1 mm, inserted into the trachea after the mirror, carefully hook the "small ball" hole, try more than and 10 minutes before it caught out. After surgery, Xu Bo is not so much, but the acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, need to stay in hospital for a week. Yan Zhangyong, director of the hospital department of Stomatology to view a stone, a diameter of about 1cm, look very much like ordinary plastic beads. He said that 25 years of practice, he had never heard of "stone pain" therapy, if citizens have a toothache, oral ulcer, should be timely medical treatment, health care products, not superstition. (channel network) >相关的主题文章: