The American mainstream media and Zuckerberg debate false news Facebook really help didn’t help Trum stand by me shinee

The American mainstream media and Zuckerberg debate: false news Facebook really help didn’t help Trump win? According to the science and technology – Sohu Techcrunch substandard media reports, Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg has recently been a number of traditional media allegations of false news on Facebook flooding caused a tremendous impact on this presidential election. In this regard, Zuckerberg on Saturday at the official website issued a document to defend Facebook Facebook said more than 99% of the content is true, the rest of the false news "a few extremely unlikely" to help Trump win the election. Zuckerberg acknowledged that false news does exist, and is not limited to the political field. Zuckerberg said Facebook is not blind, but to deal with these issues need to be very careful. U.S. mainstream media: rumors all over the rhythm, Facebook governance Facebook false news of the impact of false elections, from September this year, has been repeatedly reported. In September this year, Facebook appeared on a widely forwarded news that Fawkes news station famous anchor Megyn Kelly was revealed to be a supporter of Hilary, conservative television station dismissed in. This message was subsequently confirmed as false news, Facebook was explained that the news is crawling AI error, but this did not reduce the outside world questioned the Facebook. In November 11th, the U.S. "fortune" magazine published an article accusing Facebook said that although Facebook does not spread urged voters to vote for Trump’s news, but Facebook Trump is elected "accomplice" Facebook spread on the American political elections the hearsay false balance to Trump tilt. The Huffington post also released an investigation report said, Facebook hot topic on the plate for the number of rumors is particularly prominent in the Hilary, and to question the Facebook remediation of such rumors ineffective. New York magazine also issued a document that tens of millions of Facebook users have premeditated or emotional sharing of false news against Hilary. In addition, the Journalism Department of New York University professor Jay Rosen, Zeynep Tufekci, a sociologist Niemann and head of the laboratory of Joshua Benton news also recently were written, Hilary defeated and spread false news on the Facebook close. Zuckerberg responded: Facebook for more than 99% of the content is the real question, Zuckerberg today has made a tough response: "I think the false news on the Facebook is not much, if the accused they influence the election process, that is too crazy. Voters are relying on their own life相关的主题文章: