The battle of the king of the War Within Three Kingdoms the Beijing Open champion mcncc

"War Within Three Kingdoms king battle" Beijing Open champion was born in troubled times over more heroes, the king of world order, the raging flames of war from the distant three combustion to the current capital. In November 5, 2016 6, Beijing Qinglong Hutong No. 1, Gehua Building Conference Center 11 layer surging poll, by the tour card board games organized by the "War Within Three Kingdoms king battle" Beijing open tournament held here. With the gaming concept of constant temperature, as the nation’s top game tournament, "War Within Three Kingdoms king battle" Beijing open is many gaming enthusiasts and "War Within Three Kingdoms" game player has brought together from all over the country’s elite players and the top teams.   three scuffle, fight endlessly; pedestria against peak. This elite athletic event, players from all corners of the country have left their imprint in the signature on the wall. And in the game, they are fully show their competitive strength and the powerful charm of electronic sports. The scene to participate in the tournament player, play tactical styles, with equal strength.   the online Beijing open, not only has a high professional level, and the creation of "War Within Three Kingdoms 4v4" and "War Within Three Kingdoms commander" two points of the game, bonuses of nearly 40 thousand yuan is the envy of. After several rounds of fierce fighting and fighting competition, "War Within Three Kingdoms 4v4" events of the crown by the "send go" team won, and received 15000 yuan prize; runner up by "Qin Acrobatic Troupe" team won, receive a bonus of 5000 yuan; the third is "chase" team won, and won 3000 yuan bonus.   at the same time, Cauchy’s _ wash socks, lonely drunk, Zhang Wuji in the "War Within Three Kingdoms commander" project of the crown, runner up, 5000 yuan, 3000 yuan, 1000 yuan reward game respectively.   two fierce competition, the masters and masters confrontation, passion and blood blend, a sports event in Beijing finally ended. Then, the next round of competition will begin, please look forward to. With the development of the times, "gaming" has become one of the world’s common language and cultural symbols. 2016 is the first year of War Within Three Kingdoms’s gaming, as the highest specifications, the most professional games sports event, "king of war" series of events is also Chinese game history and the history of a thick and heavy in colours gaming has a great influence, and has attracted widespread attention and praise, game player industry, is a major industry event the Chinese gaming benchmark, bearing the glory and the dream stage.   War Within Three Kingdoms king of the war "is the Hangzhou tour card network technology limited company held the official professional tournament, won the majority of the" War Within Three Kingdoms "game player recognition, game player in the group of influential. The 2016 War Within Three Kingdoms king battle "to take the whole gaming mode, open a new chapter of War Within Three Kingdoms king of war".相关的主题文章: