The Central Bank jointly five departments to deal with illegal sale of bank card information ca1816

The Central Bank jointly five departments to deal with the illegal sale of bank card information Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Beijing daily news (reporter   Cui Qibin   Liu Shuangxia) bank card information illegal trading network, has formed a black chain of acquisition, sale, use. Yesterday, the central bank announced that the joint Ministry of public security, State Administration for Industry and commerce, China Banking Regulatory Commission, the state Internet information office and other five departments issued "on the joint remediation of illegal trading bank card information special action notice", in September 2016 -2017 year in April in the country to carry out joint remediation of illegal trading bank card information special action. It is reported that this special action will focus on remediation for illegal acquisition of bank card information, phishing sites, malicious programs (App), and will strive to check the bank, Payment institutions, bank card clearing account information, protection of internal control measures and payment system security, organize POS equipment issued to banks and Payment institutions. Safety standards and compliance checks, and severely punish illegal merchants using modified POS machine behavior, remediation online businesses and websites in the POS modification. At present, illegal criminals to steal bank card information mainly through the telecommunications network, attacking system and modification of bank card POS machines and other means to steal bank card information, or collusion, mediated by business platform, business organizations, medical institutions, educational institutions, and individual housing banking financial institutions, Payment institutions, internal staff outsourcing the unit staff to obtain bank card information. In the case of a joint-stock banks, the central bank’s special action from the bank, Payment institutions, illegal trading information website, etc., is conducive to cut off from the source of the bank card information industry chain. The central bank responsible person also stressed that the special rectification actions, regulators will be uncovered a number of illegal trading of bank card information crimes, according to law, shutting down a number of illegal transactions issued bank card information website and network account, increase of stealing, buying and illegally providing credit card information and other efforts to combat crime, punish illegal business the criminals bank card information. Gold wallet chief analyst Xiao Lei said that the central bank and other departments of the special action is the bank card information disclosure of a serious situation, in addition, can also be seen as the regulatory authorities for the bank, the third party payment payment institutions and other related regulation of a symbol of yan. In fact, the central bank in recent years to strengthen the consolidation of the payment market. This year, communications payment and UnionPay business and three party payment due to altered bank card transaction information, the phenomenon of illegal trading institutions without a license to provide interface punishment by the central bank. In order to strengthen personal bank account management, the central bank in December last year issued the "people’s Bank of China on improving personal bank account service   the strengthening of the notice" account management, establish the mechanism of classified management of personal bank accounts, the notice has been formally implemented in April 1st this year. Relevant person in charge of the central bank explained that the personal bank settlement accounts相关的主题文章: