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The famous Anti Japanese patriotic generals Huang descendants: patriotism is the first family – Beijing News Agency Xinhua: Hefei in September 18 well-known Anti Japanese patriotic generals Huang descendants: patriotism is family first author Zhao Qiang "the first of our family is patriotic, like most in the genealogy of family, we advocate Wei’s family is filial piety, respect, harmonious race and other traditional virtues, but also has its own characteristics, the most prominent manifestation of patriotism." The famous Anti Japanese patriotic general Huang nephew 18 in the guard asked in an interview with News Agency reporters say. At 9:18, Anhui city of Hefei province to carry out the air raid siren activities to commemorate the 85 anniversary of the "918" incident, to remind people not to forget national humiliation, danger. At the same time, the reporter visited is located in Baohe District of Hefei City Town Village Fei Wei Wei’s former residence of famous Anti Japanese patriotic generals. Wei Lihuang, Anhui Hefei Wei Xiang Village, 1943 China served as commander of the expeditionary force, due to open India highway in the war against Japan and the famous Chinese and foreign. 1955 from Hongkong to the mainland. Died in 1960. Mao Zedong once praised it as "adhere to the North China Anti Japanese war leader" and "patriotic Kuomintang military personnel". The inquiry, uncle Huang is 15 years away from home, can compose and perform military exercises, civil war, fame prominent, was praised as "Ever-victorious general Wei lihuang". The old man accompanied by 40 years, because Huang residence is being repaired, he and his wife last year to move out of the old hall not far from the former residence of the live movements in the room. The reporter saw, Hefei Wei’s family’s first eye-catching words "patriotic" — "patriotism: the so-called state, there is only home country. Since the founding of the United Nations, the Chinese people have always had the glorious patriotic tradition of opposing separatism and maintaining unity." As Huang descendants, we will uphold the love of country training. Patriotism is not abstract, specific, different in different ages. In time of war is to protect our homes and defend our country like their fathers, to kill, is to work hard; in peace, construction." The inquiry believes that workers are involved in the repair of the former residence of Huang will be patriotic war salvation in solid way presents to the world, the specific performance of their work are patriotic. According to the inquiry of memories, the former residence of Wei Lihuang has been more than and 100 years, there have been three a total of 16, including the door room, rooms, courtyards, wells, behind the corner of a small building has been used as the towers. Reporters on the scene, an area of 800 square meters of Huang house renovated, various patterns of the Republic era and sculpture are well protected, the original layout of the room to get good presentation, main hall, Pianfang, building exquisite Goods are available in all varieties., restoration. "Now the restoration and repair of Huang’s basically completed, only the square in front of the door and walls has not been repaired, until the house repaired, we will all relevant articles and Huang had all donated." The inquiry wife said, repair relatives and friends are very concerned about the progress of Huang’s residence, they have caller said to come to visit, including in Taiwan, Hongkong and other places of the descendants of huang. )相关的主题文章: