The introduction of the history of the most stringent regulation of the property market in Shenzhen christie stevens

The introduction of the history of the most stringent regulation of the Shenzhen property market into a new game season – Chongqing Channel – as the first new projects, Shenzhen regulatory policies after the evening of October 9th, located in Shekou Chiwan kilometer "hill sea" project into the city caused great concern in the market, with the network media or even "live on the opening scene". "The lowest 44 thousand yuan, Nanshan sell Longgang price", that night, all the news from the sales site on the sale of real estate prices continue to refresh. In the new home prices have already exceeded 100 thousand yuan in Nanshan District, the development of low-cost market, indeed earned a lot of people’s eyes, and thus some industry insiders interpreted as Shenzhen property market began to cool signs. The evening of October 4th, the Shenzhen municipal government issued a total of 8 market regulation measures, mainly including the non deep households needed to purchase tax or social security proof period from 3 years to 5 years, city residence households purchase two suites. At the same time, Shenzhen also adjust the credit policy, the first suite Shoufu ratio remained 30%, two sets of housing and credit recognition, one suite Shoufu ratio of not less than 70%, but there is no real commercial loans or provident fund loan record Shoufu ratio of not less than 50%. In order to block the "through divorce" to obtain qualified buyers policies, the Shenzhen also states: the local single people purchase a suite, which means that by way of fake divorce will not be able to obtain qualified buyers. This round is called the history of the most stringent regulatory policies, so that the Shenzhen property market has been a high fever quietly cooling. After the National Day holiday, whether it is developers, buyers or investors, the market has entered a new game season. According to the reporter, in fact, as early as September 21st before the promulgation of the new deal, "hill sea" project has received pre-sale permit, the record price at 48 thousand yuan per square metre between ~9.8 million. On the day of the opening of the project, the full set of more than and 500 pre-sale listings, the lowest price of 44 thousand yuan / square meter, the highest price of $91 thousand / square meter. From the sales point of view, the real estate transaction mainly concentrated in the area of 60 thousand yuan per square meter below the price of more than $60 thousand is not ideal. From the lowest price point of view, from the lowest 48 thousand yuan to $44 thousand, a decline of nearly 10%. The sale is likely to be a regulatory adjustment after the introduction of new developers in response to the property market changes made, but overall, the "hill sea" project pricing is still with its surrounding environment and supporting and planning phase matching, far from "Longgang Nanshan sold price."." Shenzhen, a well-known real estate observers told reporters that the project is just a case in line with the expectations of the public, the property market in Shenzhen still need to continue to wait and see. For the inauguration of an insurance company in Shenzhen Zheng Tian, whether it is the evening of 4 introduction of new regulation, or the new site price sales news, did not give him the slightest joy. Two years ago, Zheng Tian graduated from college and later to Shenzhen to enter the insurance company. First arrived in Shenzhen, beautiful urban environment, good facilities, especially the average monthly income of six thousand or seven thousand yuan, really let him happy for a while. Since last March.相关的主题文章: