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"The king of comedy" Fei Yuqing new piece crying scene staged a big reversal Queen – Sohu   entertainment; Fei Yuqing partner Bai Kainan cross comedy Sohu launched by Beijing satellite TV entertainment blockbuster Chinese first file original comedy show "Star Cross competitive cross-border comedy king" will be held this Saturday night comedy Premiere 20:30. "Cross border comedy king" as the third quarter of Beijing TV heavy list program, to cross, I come to the happy as the core, will continue to lead the cross-border trend, the ultimate to create cross-border brand. Xiao Shenyang in the following "cross-border singer" won the second runner up, to become "king of comedy" cross-border cross-border stage "comedy convener", not only called Huang Xiaolei and Gao Xiaopan, Kennan, Li Jing, white poplar as "comedy agent, also invited Fei Yuqing, Sun Nan, Li Yugang, Deng Ya Ping, Zhou Jie, Lan Qin, Le Jia 25" crossover star "to challenge the cross, for the audience in their comedy debut. So star + cross-border momentum, which shows the Beijing TV Guide "crossover" blockbuster, Ming City shock strength and determination, but also for the community to "cross-border comedy king" Premiere is full of reverie, anticipation! "King of comedy" cross-border premiere ushered in the first round of five cross-border guests: Fei Yuqing, Deng Ya Ping, Zhou Jie, Lan Qin, Le Jia, they were from the performing arts, sports, film and television circles and cultural circles. Although in different areas is a leader, but when it comes to comedy, I have had five cross-border guests rarely get involved in this challenge, it is the real deal, "crossover". The significance of cross-border is to break the inherent boundaries, to face challenges. No matter how much success has been achieved in the past, the success or failure of the new comedy stage only one standard, it can bring joy to the audience. What five cross-border guest comedy debut, can let you see the "smile", as all the suspense in the September 3rd 20:30 Premiere show. The first phase of the program’s first opening dance tribute comedian Charlie Chaplin?, "vivid show" magnificent light, through time and space, vivid reproduction of the classic image of Chaplin, opened the curtain in the comedy drama atmosphere lively and humorous, full of heat. Cross border guests shouted: pressure alexander. Fei Yuqing returned to the arena after 44 years, a new piece, playing a white imitation show started by Kennan leading stage, yiyanbuge is called "little brother" Fei Yuqing "jukebox live machine" — alive, Wuli brother Fei Yuqing gladly accepted the title, but he also made fun of white Kennan successfully create new scripts, then a "dirty" nature began wild strokes, from 70s to 80s the lyric singer Steven Liu rock Godfather Luo Dayou, then change the voice, to the 80s classic female singer Cai Qin in the music once shook the wind cloud of several classic old singer classic, brother Fei Yuqing vivid imitation. At the end of the program, he is still the standard "45° look at the sky" standing the soulful singing a song "the road home", instantly put into a warm and elegant atmosphere of switching field wind, even the white Kai Nandu sigh: "I really like to see the way home." Lan Qin "cry play!相关的主题文章: