The latest statistics of Taiwan earthquake 318 people sent medical 4 people to the hospital without oboni

The Taiwan earthquake the latest statistics: 318 people hospitalized 4 people to breathe without new network new network in February 6, in the heart – according to Taiwan "Central News Agency" report, the Taiwan authorities "ihw" at 10 in the morning to provide data pointed out that the Tainan earthquake at the hospital a total of 318 people, and another 4 to the hospital no breathing heartbeat (OHCA). This morning Taiwan cattle turn over, the epicenter in the Kaohsiung City District of Tainan city from Meinung, building tilt, injured. The Ministry of health and welfare said at 4 PM has set up an emergency medical center, major hospitals in Tainan have been put in emergency. "Wei Fu" and that the Tainan earthquake at the hospital a total of 318 people were sent to Tainan (7 people, 26 people in Xinhua, Tainan city hospitals 53 people, 54 people, Tainan Cheng Gao Rong 18, good in 5, Tainan Chimei new building 27 people, 14 people, new Ma Dou Liu Ying Chi Mei 14 people, 64 people, Yongkang Chi Mei Annan hospital 22 people, Guo comprehensive 13). According to the Taiwan meteorological department website, Kaohsiung city on the 6 day at 3:57 in the morning the earthquake, the epicenter in the Mino District, a depth of 16.7 km, Yunlin County Tsaoling maximum seismic grade 6, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Tainan, Chiayi has the largest area seismic grade 5. The earthquake came at the southern city background building tilt, even collapse, in some places that people trapped, firefighters rescued many people to. "Health and Welfare Ministry spokesman Wang Zhechao said this morning, at 4:10 in the morning has received notification immediately set up an emergency center, Taiwan 6 regional medical emergency center for the first time also start immediately at the Tainan medical institute are normal operation, Tainan city hospitals, medical care, social workers have joined the injury from the ambulance. He said the emergency center to provide emergency medical aid and medical resources to master and standby support, disaster victims resettlement and temporary rescue assistance, "Wei Fu minister" Jiang Binghuang, "the medical director" Wang Zongxi has been to Tainan on-site assessment of the situation, if necessary, will start to contact support, and new year time encounter trauma, "Wei Fu the Ministry also started planning disaster counseling assistance mechanism, to assist in dealing with victims and their families psychological pressure.

台湾地震最新统计:318人送医4人到院前无呼吸心跳-中新网   中新网2月6日电 据台湾“中央社”报道,台当局“卫福部”上午10时提供数据指出,台南地震目前送医共318人,另有4名到院前无呼吸心跳(OHCA)。   今天凌晨台湾地牛翻身,震央在高雄市美浓区,台南市传出楼房倾斜,多人受伤。“卫生福利部”表示,凌晨4时许已成立紧急应变中心,台南市各大医院医护都已投入紧急救护。   “卫福部”并说明,台南地震目前送医共318人,分别送(台南7人,新化26人、台南市医 53人、成大54人、台南高荣18人、佳里奇美5人、台南新楼27人、麻豆新楼14人、柳营奇美14人、永康奇美64人、安南医院22人、郭综合13人)。   根据台湾气象部门网站,高雄市6日凌晨3时57分发生地震,震央在美浓区,深度16.7公里,云林县草岭最大震度达6级,高雄、屏东、台南、嘉义皆有地区最大震度达5级。地震后台南市传出多处楼房倾斜、甚至倒塌,部分地点传出人员受困,消防人员前往救出多人。   台“卫生福利部”发言人王哲超上午表示,凌晨4时10分左右接获通报已即刻成立紧急应变中心,全台6区区域紧急医疗应变中心第一时间也即刻启动,目前台南医疗院所都正常运作,台南市各大医院的医疗、护理、社工人员都已加入伤病患救护。   他说,紧急应变中心提供紧急医疗救护、医疗资源掌握及待命支持、灾区民众安置及临时救难协助等,“卫福部长”蒋丙煌、“医事司长”王宗曦已到台南现场评估状况,如有需要会启动联络支持,且过年时间遇到创伤,“卫福部”也规划启动灾难心理辅导协助机制,协助处理灾民及家属的心理压力。相关的主题文章: