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"The Mekong River action" recurrent Character Trailer Eddie Peng deep poison nest – Sohu entertainment "Mekong River action" Eddie Peng in "Golden Triangle" "Mekong action" Eddie Peng as intelligence officer Eddie Peng Click to enter [changing shape] HD Photo Sohu entertainment by the Bona film group produced, directed by Lin Chaoxian, Huang Jianxin, Liang Fengying, producer, Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng starred in the blockbuster "Mekong police action action" on the second day, Zhang Hanyu issued the first personal notice, quickly launched a "special intelligence officer" Eddie Peng’s personal notice. The same is a short notice, in addition to several other Eddie Peng conversion between Golden Triangle identity drug traffickers and drug police, and a mysterious woman child heart of the feelings of the show for the first time exposure. No wonder Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng is a "must also do not forget their emotional" super intelligence! Use your hands to emotional intelligence officer: This was not unusual at first directed by Lin Chaoxian personally editing characters in the trailer, Eddie Peng’s anti drug squad "special agents" in the film Xinwu status is quite long lived in sin: whirling diffuse area of Golden Triangle, he has a beard, looks ferocious evil a mouth, can say is "not what than let me direct against drug traffickers more fun this way; he sometimes on drug mercilessly, sometimes with Zhang Hanyu as the chief drug high just tit for tat, words and deeds seem change constantly, but the heart for the fight against drug crime this thing never wavered. As the understanding of Golden Triangle topography and drug activities of the agent, in addition to his deal with the crisis, but the situation changed to various shapes for intelligence, fighting for the team led the squad into Golden Triangle give advice and suggestions, into the drug den, called "change you". Eddie Peng said that the role of Party Xinwu has a complex inner world and changing the identity of appearance, in the Mekong River in action is mainly responsible for the "outsmart", so he went to do a lot of homework, not only appeared in the "tiger" Zhang Hanyu brother to learn, but also with the "master" Nick Cheung "across the empty apprenticeship". "The director Dante Lam is very good at creating feelings of complex character, before the" witness "and" informer "in shaping the Huige home is also this kind of role, so this time I have to master (Nick Cheung and Eddie Peng played in the" battle "in the master) ask how to grasp this kind of role, coupled with the director the guidance, hope that their performance did not disappoint them." For Eddie Peng’s performance, Zhang Hanyu gives one hundred percent affirmation: "Eddie performance is very good, his intelligence officer should also think, to begin, have emotional, so many thing to carry on him, he can still be with me together, very not easy!" Iron Eddie Peng blacksmith Lin Chaoxian: Eddie Peng transformation from variable "hassle" to "break the wind", and then to today’s "Mekong River action", and co director Lin Chaoxian Eddie Peng has three times, and Lin Chaoxian Eddie Peng’s "abuse" not only show trends, but has been upgraded. In the operation of the Mekong River, Eddie Peng is willing to accept Lin again"相关的主题文章: