The mid autumn festival market volume and price rose ID city Addie city’s ending ca1477

The mid autumn festival market volume and price rose ID CITY Addie city’s ending in the past the Mid Autumn Festival holiday (September 15th to September 17th), the Beijing property market turnover continued to rise in recent years, a small holiday highs. According to the Central Plains real estate research center statistics show that in the past 3 months Beijing prices rose by 17%. In the case of land, housing supply both lower, buyers need to make a choice as soon as possible. Integrated living convenience and regional value, located in the North Central District of the central villa ID CITY Addie city (real estate information) from a number of options stand out. As the world’s top designer Liang Zhitian customized works, ID CITY city of the collection value of the. The exquisite space is in the closing stages, starting now is the time. "The most expensive land" camouflage, the world’s top 500 offices across the way, the future value can be expected as early as last year, ID CITY from the city of Addie is only two across the street Jinyu Dacheng plots floor price has reached 52 thousand and 500 yuan square meters, the future price and go straight to two digits. In April this year, the Sunshine City Ho throw 1 billion 400 million followed, the same in Shunyi houshayu future value soared again. Make ID CITY Addie a loaf of bread cheaper than flour". In addition, ID CITY and Addie separated from the city and the world 500 strong GLPI-PARK office has started construction, BMW R & D center and other power companies signed in, "sophisticated" people gathered, ID CITY Addie has become the city of heavy weight value jumped. A 200 thousand square meters of international commercial town, private global lifestyle collection at ID CITY Addie City Shayu Shunyi, distance are the central villa area of 200 thousand square meters of international commercial life benchmark town is only 20 meters. Nearly 2 years of mature operation of the town gathered more than 210 well-known brands of the main store town. Shopping include fashion, sports, and other high-end boutique supermarket category; catering industry from Italy, India, Japan, France, Vietnam to Chinese around the characteristics of everything, GALATI Italian restaurant, m millet eel Pavilion, Izu village, Red Fort India wild herbs restaurant more than sixty new global delicacy restaurant, build cross-border combination of delicacy. And greatly increase the experiential formats proportion, jumping off the trampoline theme park, love flying home space museum, "sky city" roof farm, Shika Taishi simulation ski… At leisure walking I can enjoy the international lifestyle. At the same time, ID CITY Addie city from the metro line 15 pear Ridge Station 800 meters, only 5 stations can be down to Wangjing. Many blessings to ID resources CITY Addie City exquisite space collection value is more obvious. Total price from 2 million to start, not to be missed! The subway station 800 meters west of pear ridge, exquisite space ending, details of the telephone: 400-819-1111 610624相关的主题文章: