The mother and daughter were trapped in a car accident for half an hour. Bystanders were only photog whereisip

Mother and daughter in a car accident trapped half an hour just photographed onlookers unmanned rescue original title: British mother and daughter in a car accident trapped half hour was photographed onlookers unmanned rescue in February 2, if the other people on the road to see an accident, what would you do? Many people will choose the alarm or help; but according to foreign media reports, a British mother and daughter after an accident trapped in the car for half an hour, the bystander has only busy taking pictures, no one to rescue or alarm. According to reports, British Durham County before the car accident, the woman driving McCain driving runaway car crashed into a tree. The driver was still sitting in the car with her daughter, and the tree fell down into the car. Mackay and his daughter were trapped in the car for half an hour, but many witnesses on the scene only onlookers photographed, no one to help. Finally, a kind of bus driver after the scene, he tried to comfort the panic of mother and daughter, until rescue personnel arrived at the scene, they will be sent to hospital for treatment. Although two people were injured, but fortunately nothing serious. Mackay said, half an hour they were trapped inside, passers-by are only taking pictures, they did not even stop. "We call for help in the car feel difficult is imminent," she said, this behavior makes her feel very sick". Editor in chief: SN184

母女出车祸被困半小时 旁观者只顾拍照无人施救   原标题:英母女出车祸被困半小时 旁观者只顾拍照无人施救   中新网2月2日电 如果在路上看到其他人发生车祸,你会怎么做?不少人都会选择报警或伸出援手;但据外媒报道,英国一对母女发生车祸后被困在车中半小时,旁观者竟然只忙着拍照,无一人救援或报警。   据报道,英国达勒姆郡日前发生一起车祸,驾车的女子麦凯因开车失控驾车撞向一棵大树。当时车上副驾驶还坐着她的女儿,大树倒下压到汽车。   麦凯与女儿被困在车里长达半小时,然而现场不少目击者竟然只顾围观拍照,没有一人施以援手。   最后,一名好心的大巴司机经过现场,他上前安慰这对惊慌的母女,一直等到救援人员到场,将她们送院治疗。两人虽然受伤,但幸无大碍。   麦凯称,她们被困的半个小时内,路人都只顾拍照,即使喝止他们也没有用。“我们在车里呼救,感到大难就要临头了”,她说,这样的行为让她感到“很恶心”。 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: