The new domestic cottonseed market gradually began to noiseware

The domestic market gradually began to fund new cotton Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Now in mid September, the new cotton growing areas of smooth, picking cotton farmers gradually increase the volume, the area enjoys a slow advance. With the start part of cotton ginning factory, cottonseed and other sporadic listing of new cotton by-products have begun, but due to moisture, price is not high, price stability in most areas. Recently, the mainland rainy weather delayed the new cotton market, the domestic cotton market mainstream products are still in Chen vice season products, it is expected that the new season cotton by-products will begin to make an impact in late September, when possible price increments phenomenon. It is understood that the current around the new cottonseed market gradually, the actual price of little turnover. The recent domestic cotton picking cotton areas continued to increase, along with the rest of the acquisition and processing of cotton ginning factory gradually started, a number of new cotton have output, but because of the early listing the amount of seed cotton is low, and the cotton ginning factory of cotton and the expected price is still more than a gap, recent market sell whole cotton is still deadlocked. Affected by this, the amount listed around the cottonseed is still less, the initial price higher than mainland cottonseed to 1.55-1.65 million pounds, and many traders reflect recent cottonseed moisture is generally high (Hebei, Hubei and other places listed in Anhui 15%-18% cottonseed moisture, even as high as 20%), and overall, downstream by-product price of shipping transactions the poor, including Xinjiang large oil, cottonseed processing plant in wait-and-see stage, only the Shandong individual purchase of new oil refinery scattered cottonseed, cottonseed market turnover is more practical. With the new season of the New Year approaching, around the oil cottonseed market attention is restored, the recent market inquiries about cottonseed increased, as the leading cotton by-product distributed processing area, Shandong manufacturers purchase intent restoration, especially in Xiajin recently, meal cottonseed oil tight supply pattern is still supporting the market was strong, the local part of you even tend to panic buying new cottonseed, cottonseed prices on one hand to promote the local abnormal high, attract Henan, Hubei and Xinjiang, a small amount of cottonseed inflows, on the other hand also makes a lot of local small refineries scattered after stagnant state, so the current cotton market slightly without a price. Overall, due to the end of the secondary market demand for cotton has not seen obvious signs of recovery, is expected to focus on a large number of new cotton seed market, cottonseed prices are bound to have a significant decline. At present, domestic cotton volume limited, preliminary quotation is high, many refineries are still in a wait state, only the Xiajin oil refinery continued individual small purchase Xinjiang maintain cottonseed processing, cottonseed oil output and inventory is still obviously insufficient, the market continued to firm, of which three cottonseed oil in Shandong area the main outflow factory price interval 6200-6300 million tons, by double stocking boost recently stick to boot factory cottonseed oil shipments relatively smooth, quoted by the recent raw cottonseed support costs remain strong, Xiajin individual manufacturers three washing cotton reported to 6300 yuan tons of cotton oil in Xinjiang region; manufacturers out of factory offer temporary steady at 5700-5800 yuan per ton, recently still to Xinjiang digestion based on相关的主题文章: