The trend the Paris lottery at Manchester City and flat sit and hope to win

The trend: the Paris lottery at Manchester City and flat sit and hope to win the 16167 lottery consists of the Champions League and group phase to the fourth round, bile mainly from the need to actively grab the giants, they also have the strength of the dominant, strong desire, good results. In addition, many teams such as Barcelona Atletico, so before the game got plenty of points, qualifying the situation is optimistic, the fear of war is inadequate, such as check against the proposal. Naples had in the home court face soil super giants Bacsik upset to lose, let’s surprise, review the game, Naples dominated the game, fully suppress the Bacsik, but the bad defense, with opponents the opportunity to fight back, Bacsik full game playing only is the goal three times and scored three goals, that the field layout needs to be improved, is now in a strong defensive attack weak adjustment period. The side battles later, at the battle of the Naples that will fail lessons learned before, with more cautious attitude to deal with the enemy, but not easy to lose the ball, and the overall fighting capacity is stronger than Bacsik, promising revenge in the battle of revenge, and one can bo 0 single, single with draw. A Champions League group phase, Guardiola returned to the Camp Nou battles former club Barcelona, according to common sense, Guardiola Barcelona for all, should be more dominant, but in the end he went to Manchester City but suffered a defeat, partly because of its quasi strength lower than Barcelona, on the other hand is due to the player’s psychological maturity is not enough. It is difficult to stimulate potential in adversity, which leads to lose. However, the home court record is quite stable, good atmosphere, the disc also get great support, comprehensive view, the battle they should be at the Etihad stadium is unbeaten pattern, small Bo can draw big 31 other games: Atletico requires Lecce to see the high level, the Ma Jing team three games unbeaten, present product 9 points, ranking the first group, the promotion of the situation is very optimistic, even if the next three games are a draw, they can get the qualifying places, so the game is not very strong. The new Rostow three games, only 1 points, if the field is lost, can be declared ahead of the game, with a strong momentum to grab points. The disk, "to the Lord let two ball half high water opening, according to the first round of war and other screenings of the disc can be compared, the disk is deep, also made hot suspect, is not conducive to the way out, it is necessary to add anti draw. The Lecce compared to last season, team and competitive state has declined, the overall record is mediocre, it is difficult to support Lane operations, in accordance with their current group phase three war three trend, there is no doubt that the focus of the club on the top of the Champions League, the team decided to high degree of attention, will not miss any opportunity to take. The Copenhagen league level is limited, positional warfare attack ability is insufficient, in the event of defensive back as the main play of Lecce, for the offensive oftangible real hard to create limited threat, can go.相关的主题文章: