The Xinjiang Autonomous Region Committee transferred to the Ministry of justice team this year will

The Xinjiang Autonomous Region Committee transferred to the Ministry of justice team this year will change – intensive news Sohu in Xinjiang autonomous region, the Ninth Party Congress held today, came the same day the Deputy Minister of the Autonomous Region Party committee, politics and Law Committee Secretary Xiong Xuanguo took office in the Ministry of justice news. Chang’an Avenue governor APP found that this year, the leadership of the Party committee of the Xinjiang autonomous region has undergone intensive adjustment. January, deputy party secretary of the autonomous region, the party secretary Han Yong transferred to the chairman of the CPPCC Shaanxi. February, Sun Jinlong, deputy secretary of the CPC Hunan Province, to replace the job vacancies left by Mr Han Yong. In May, Zhu Hailun served as party secretary of Urumqi Autonomous Region Party committee, deputy secretary of the Party committee, propaganda minister Li Xue served as secretary and demobilized Urumqi; Tian Yan Guocan as party secretary of the Autonomous Region Party committee propaganda minister, he took office less than half a year, and transferred to Yili CPPCC party secretary. Subsequently, the vice chairman of the autonomous region, Deputy Minister of propaganda. June, Che Jundong, deputy party secretary of the autonomous region to Zhejiang, and then served as acting governor. 4 months later, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party committee, organization department minister Li Peng as Deputy Secretary of the autonomous region. At present, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee to maintain four architecture, there were Xuekelaiti? Sun Jinlong, Zhu Hailun and Li Peng SAKEL, new. In August, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Party Secretary Zhang Chunxian, Beijing as the deputy head of the central leading group of the party construction work coordination group and deputy head of the central work in Xinjiang. Tibet Autonomous Region Party Secretary Chen Quanguo transferred to Xinjiang Autonomous Region Party secretary. Bear Xuanguo resume Xiong Xuanguo, male, Han nationality, born in December 1964, Hunan Changde people, joined the party in June 1986, in July 1991, graduated from Wuhan University School of law, criminal law, postgraduate degree, doctor of law. From September 1981 to August 1988, Southwest Institute of political science and law undergraduate, master’s degree. From August 1988 to July 1991, the graduate student of Wuhan University law school. July 1991 to August 1992, the Supreme People’s court cadres (Beijing County People’s court in Huairou). From August 1992 to January 1995, the Supreme People’s Court of assistant judges (deputy director). From January 1995 to November 1998, the Supreme People’s court, director of the division of criminal investigation, criminal division (during the period: from March 1998 to July 1998, at the Central Party school central state organs to learn). From November 1998 to February 2002, deputy director of the Supreme People’s court. From February 2002 to April 2002, the Supreme People’s Court of the second criminal trial tribunal. From April 2002 to August 2005, the Supreme People’s Court of the judicial committee, judge of the second Criminal Tribunal (during the period: April 2003 to July 2004, attachment to any Sichuan Provincial Higher People’s court vice president, deputy secretary of the party). August 2005 to August 2011, the Supreme People’s court vice president, Party members, members of the judicial committee (during the period: from May 2010 to July 2010).相关的主题文章: