This is a book that will allow you to get to know Jobs again

This is a can let you know the book of Jobs, Apple’s official strongly recommended "Jobs" in September by CITIC publishing house, Chinese version of e-book reading, reading in the QQ WeChat APP synchronous starting. Apple CEO Tim Cook in "Steve Jobs" published three years after bluntly said: "I think Isaacson works entirely in a. The book is only a series of materials that have been rearranged, only a small part of Jobs’s personality." Isaacson got a lot of material in a very short time. But it was not until the last year and a half of Jobs’s life that he had enough time to prepare for the subject. Besides, it’s his job to tell Jobs what he did, not what kind of person he was introduced to Jobs. And with the previous official tone of the thick "Steve Jobs", "Jobs" described Jobs as a more ordinary people, author Brent schrand and stay in the "fortune" colleague Rick tetzeli invited a friend more of Jobs before and work colleagues (including Jonathan, Apple Corp CEO Cook Apple Corp, former communications director Katie Cotton, Picks CEO and Jobs Ed Catmull, the widow of Laurence, and for many is not willing to accept interviews with industry insiders interviewed help). Died in 1986 for the first time to interview Jobs in October 5, 2011, Brent applied between Rand and Jobs talks, interviews, telephone, mail and chat as much as 150 times, the book quoted Jobs’s words are from the more than 150 exchanges, it is through this story, we would like him to understand Jobs, step by step know Jobs. It is through these stories, each reader can find this book in his own view of core question: such a reckless and arrogant young man, how to become the most visionary business leaders? After Jobs in our eyes is a genius, in terms of design talent, storytelling ability otherworldly, can produce a "distorted reality" magic; he is an opinionated bastard, the pursuit of perfection blindly, regardless of the feelings of others; he felt himself cleverer than anyone, never any suggestions, but from the beginning of birth, is a combination of genius and bad ass body. Brent schrand and Rick tetzeli trying to make the revisions in two ways. First, they put Jobs’s bad deeds into a larger context of the negative, to provide readers with a greater space to understand them. Second, they show the young Jobs Jobs compared with mature, the former often due to self indulgence and shilly-shally and make mistakes, and the latter is not only more successful in finding the energy release channels, and to establish a healthy interpersonal relationship. Apple iBooks official description said the book broke the world’s inherent views on Jobs. This book is Jobs relatives and friends, colleagues speak highly of a masterpiece, because in this book Jobs read than in any other articles in the image are more complex, more human, more worry.相关的主题文章: