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Three asked Beijing ahead of heating: Standard Zha? Too old? Who dig? Beijing – November 4th, the Beijing municipal government said that in November 13th there will be a strong cold air activities, Beijing has greater potential for 5 days the average temperature is below 5 DEG C, decided to officially start heating (heating) ahead of time to November 13th. 3, 2009, Tianjin heating Office issued a notice approved by the municipal government, will be November 5th heating. Since entering in November, the topic of concern in the early heating, the public also has many questions: what needs to meet the needs of heating? These standards are based on what set, science? Advanced heating costs high, who will bear? This reporter conducted an interview. Why is based on the standard of heating meteorology method making, according to the annual average temperature in Beijing city by City Management Committee heating office responsible person, the provisions of the "measures" of the management of Beijing city heating, heating period for the year of November 15th to March 15th of the following year, the municipal government can adjust the time according to the actual situation of weather. Tianjin city heating Office heating Department Engineer Li Wei introduction, Tianjin heating period is consistent with Beijing, according to the provisions of the "Tianjin city heating hot regulations", in case of abnormal low temperature, the municipal government may decide to stop heating and heat delay. From the beginning of 2010, Beijing Heating Meteorological consultation mechanism, comprehensive meteorological factors such as "day heating". According to the "Regulations" the heating time program of Beijing City temporary adjustment, heating start when the weather forecast the daily average outdoor temperature for 5 days is lower than 5 degrees; extend the heating after March 15th daily average outdoor temperature forecast for 5 consecutive days is lower than 5 DEG C; in addition, the average outdoor temperature influence factors, such as heavy snowfall may have an important case impact on the lives of the residents of warm weather, but also for residential users in advance to start heating or prolonged heating. "According to the average annual temperature in Beijing, the" two 5 "is concentrated in November 15th each year to the next year in March 15th." Chinese Academy of Building Sciences researcher Li Xianrui said that in recent years, heating season, from 2012 to 2013, the heating season affected by strong cold air, 7 days ahead of heating. Northern heating time is not the same. Such as Heilongjiang, Greater Khingan Range in September 25th began heating, and Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Shaanxi and other places are usually in the heat before the November 15th. Li Wei said, in the actual operation, Tianjin will start in November 15th before the annual heating, heating facilities, the complex system, the need to lay a good amount of advance, equipment has a slow heating process, some network first heat, some heat." The "two 5" standard outdated experts said the standards in accordance with the laws of science, is not out of date, compared with other methods, the present method has better questioned: now living conditions and climate conditions with more than forty or fifty years ago has changed greatly, the daily average temperature below 5 DEG C for 5 days "standard is outdated? The standard of "two – 5" is not random, but in accordance with the laws of science and scientific basis." Li Xianrui said, "5 degrees" standard, is the basis of building envelope genot相关的主题文章: