Time with low Bose and LED high supercharged 220 thousand hybrid, but not sell the car – Sohu dingxiangwuyuetian

Time with low BOSE and LED high supercharged 220 thousand hybrid, but not sell the car and SUV market – Sohu, the budget is not more than 300 thousand words, most people will choose or will consider Ford, TOYOTA, Honda Highlander sharp crown that several cars, if the budget adequate point, will to consider the Audi Q5, Mercedes Benz GLC, Cadillac XT5, Land Rover found God and so on luxury midsize SUV models, but in fact, this level has a higher cost, space is completely lost to opponents of the joint venture medium SUV models, his configuration is quite rich, but also with hybrid models, and the price is more than have the advantage, but has been in a state of poor sales, why the hell is this? First, from the appearance point of view, his performance is not the mainstream, personal feeling is the design of the new play to the extreme, either the front, side, rear lines or details, he is full of fashion and sense of individuality, if love the design, it will think he is very the beautiful, is the same level of performance and he become an independent school, feel great in size on the style is unusual, but the drawback is indeed too radical, this young man love does not necessarily make middle-aged or older users love, sometimes it will have the opposite effect. The interior design in the current view, his rules more, the console design black leather plus brushed metal panel and symmetric or very mainstream, encircling the interior is also very good to create a luxurious atmosphere, interior design as a whole is still giving a Nissan solid some comfort, is also very suitable home, the interior is neither short board is not particularly prominent, compared with sharp boundary and Highlander individuals consider a slight advantage. Space, his body size is 4897*1908*1691mm, wheelbase 2830mm, although the personal view is that the level of SUV, even with the seven seat space, it is at most emergency, the last row of the two seat use rate is very low, but Kroraina is the 5 sitting layout, compared to a sharp boundary, Highlander, he indeed it is not so attractive, it’s easy to put him in the first time PASS, 5 models even if these users eventually still selected, while in power, low allocation models using the 2.5L naturally aspirated engine, although with the 2.5T supercharged with hybrid vehicle version the price is within 300 thousand yuan, but after the matching CVT gearbox really gives a relatively weak feeling, because most people say they hate small displacement turbo, but once is a 2 T power, the temptation is very big. In addition, indeed to top 4WD models and top distribution models are equipped with, although the individual thinks this medium SUV, both the Highlander, sharp boundary, crown road or Q5, GLC and so on, their basic and cross-country missed, even difficult to go to the pavement, but still there are a lot of people. In the four-wheel drive system. In the configuration, his whole system comes standard with 10 airbags, tire pressure monitoring, keyless entry suspected相关的主题文章: